Cipher unlocked

The twelve totems that make the Cipher are reunited with the Chozo Artifacts.

The Cipher was a device crafted by the Chozo that inhabited Tallon IV. After the coming of the meteor, the Worm and the Great Poison, the Artifact Temple was constructed over top of all three to contain them, and the Cipher was placed as an extra precaution.

To break the seal, twelve Chozo Artifacts are required, and they will power corresponding Chozo Totems, which will power the Cipher and break the containment field. A rippling blue portal of some sort will appear under the Cipher and sections of the central totem pole will rise up, with blue light being fired up into the sky, opening the crater for the Entrusted One to enter and destroy all three threats.

However, as the seal is opening, Meta Ridley flies in and drops Meson Bombs on the temple, destroying most of the totems and the Cipher, ruining the chance for Tallon to be saved. After his death, non-violent Chozo Ghosts appear, causing the rippling portal (which is unscannable) to appear once again, and allow access to the crater.

Chozo LoreEdit


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Chozo script translated.

Logbook entry

None know if our temple, the Cradle, will prove powerful enough to contain this evil forever. How can we Chozo hope for it to remain intact when that which it guards writhes in the darkness, growing always stronger? The fate of this world rests with the gathering of Artifacts we call Cipher, but even it is not all-powerful. It is strong, yes: an enchanted whole made of twelve links. Still, it is finite in its reach, and we who guard it are slowly succumbing. When our vigilance crumbles away into madness, the Cipher will be exposed and the fate of Tallon IV will be beyond our influence.


Temporary scan

Chozo script translated.

Logbook entry

As the Great Poison reaches even further into the planet, we Chozo begin to feel the gnawings of despair - before it is too late, we must now make our last stand. We have begun to build a temple to contain this darkness; at its heart we will place a Cipher, a mystical lock powered by twelve Artifacts and filled with as much power as we Chozo can harness. We wonder, though - even when we are done, will it be too late? And will the power of the temple, and the Cipher itself, prove strong enough to hold back the poisonous tide that even now swells within the ground, threatening all life?


  • An early version of the Chozo Lore entry Binding shows that the Cipher was originally going to have been destroyed prior to Samus Aran's arrival on Tallon IV. Rather than attempting to use the Chozo Artifacts to break the Cipher and enter the Impact Crater, Samus would have been attempting to reactivate the Cipher and seal the Crater away.


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