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Circle Pad Pro

The Circle Pad Pro.

The Circle Pad Pro is an accessory for the original Nintendo 3DS. It serves a dual purpose of providing a cradle dock for the handheld system, and adding a second analog right stick. It also adds extra shoulder buttons and features a wrist strap, similar to the Wii Remote. These features, when used with the 3DS, cause it to resemble a traditional home console controller.

Circle Pad Pro with 3DS

The Pro with a 3DS in it.

The Circle Pad Pro was designed to work with certain titles involving shooting, but it is optional and not necessary to play those games. The Circle Pad Pro is compatible with Metroid Prime: Federation Force, if played on an original 3DS. The Circle Pad Pro can make controlling the game easier, but is not required. If it is not used, Motion Controls can be used to control the Federation Force. Whether it will be compatible with Metroid: Samus Returns is unknown. The Circle Pad Pro cannot be used with a New Nintendo 3DS XL or 3DS XL, which include their own right analog sticks right on the system.

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