A broken Circuit board, on SkyTown.

Circuit boards are devices used to carry power and are essential to the function of many devices across the galaxy. Various species and organizations use Circuit boards, such as the Galactic Federation, Elysians and Space Pirates. They are only seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. When damaged, they can be repaired using a welding attachment for the Plasma Beam, which is later stacked with the Nova Beam.


Samus welds together a broken Circuit board with the Nova Beam.

Circuit boards are used in a variety of different roles. They are commonly used for powering Door locking mechanisms. Many are seen on Elysia, in use for providing Elevators with power.

Circuit boards usually feature a cable or several cables which twist over the panel underneath. These cables can become damaged by attack or age, causing gaps which must be welded together using an instrument of high-temperature.

The boards themselves are often exposed. This can be problematic or useful, depending on the situation. Having exposed Circuit boards is a useful feature because it allows easier access when repairing them, although it leaves them vulnerable to damage. The Bounty Hunter Ghor used this to his advantage when he was under the influence of Phazon corruption, and damaged several Circuit boards in one go with his Plasma weapon. This severed Aurora Unit 217's connection to SkyTown's network, preventing the AU from helping Samus to retake the facility.



"Circuitry has sustained damage. Severed connections must be repaired by fusing them together."
"Lift control systems have sustained damage. Repairs necessary to restore lift."
"Circuit board is exposed and malfunctioning. Repairs to damaged sections necessary."
"Circuit board handles escape pod track system. Unable to extend track while damaged."
"Circuit board operates escape pod systems. Repair board to bring pod systems back online."
"Circuitry has been repaired. The connection between the AU and network has been restored."
"Lift control systems are repaired and online. All lift operations restored."
"Connection has been repaired. Connection between nearby control unit and projector restored."
"Circuit board repairs successful. Systems online and functioning normally."


"Circuit board damaged. Welding repairs necessary to restore operations."
"Circuit board repaired. All connections restored. Door is now operational."

Pirate Homeworld[]

"Circuit board is damaged. Power is no longer being sent to the control console."
"Circuit board is damaged. Power is no longer being sent to the Central Specimen Tank."
"Circuit board is repaired. Power flow has been restored. Control console is online."
"Circuit board is repaired. Power flow has been restored. Central Specimen Tank online."