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Military Dress

Samus wearing her Civilian Clothes.

Samus Aran's Civilian Clothes (私服の設定?)[1] are seen at the end of Metroid: Other M. Similar to her her Military Dress in her early Federation days, she is seen wearing it at Galactic Federation Headquarters in a corridor with a large window that she often observed the city from. While reflecting on Adam and giving him her first thumbs up, "just in case [He] was watching over [her]", she humorously punched Anthony Higgs and then walked off to leave with a slight smile as she looked through the window one last time.

Her Civilian Clothes consist of a green military jacket with fasteners on the collar and underneath her chest which had a "dull, off-metallic feel". The sleeve cuffs also had fastener buttons. Samus also wore black leggings and high-heeled suede boots. She was first seen with her hair out of it's usual ponytail, the first instance of this in 3-D, but after Anthony left, she tied her hair back, mirroring the endings of Metroid II: Return of Samus and Super Metroid in which she untied her hair from its ponytail. Concept art of the Civilian Clothes also indicated that they are not worn over the full-body Zero Suit: Samus was pictured wearing a violet shirt underneath which exposed the collar bone which was something that the Zero Suit would cover up. Additionally, the Zero Suit had gloves over her hands which Samus was not seen wearing in the final cutscene.


  • The Civilian Clothes are unplayable in Other M.



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