Class I Energy Harvesters were designs the Space Pirates had in mind for certain Metroids. These specific Metroids were genetically mutated by Phazon Strain Vertigo, a successful experimental compound that boosted the strength and stamina of a subject while allowing it to thrive. The planned harvesters were a close success to turning Metroids into controllable weapons, the prime goal in Pirate research. Since most of the scientific equipment was moved to the research bases in Phendrana Drifts after the Frigate Orpheon crashed, it is possible that the first Metroid Samus meets there, Metroid BR5497, was well on its way to becoming a harvester.

The project to create these harvesters seems to have failed, as no submissive Metroid was ever encountered in the game.


Metroid PrimeEdit

Research Lab Aether
"Metroids infused with Phazon Strain Vertigo are thriving. We feel they could be Class I Energy Harvesters if proper submission measures are employed."