Mprime2 DarkSamus

Dark Samus, the only known class Platinum-AAA threat.

A class Platinum-AAA threat level is a term used by the Space Pirates to indicate the strength of a threat to their organization. Thus far, the term has only been used once, to describe Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A terminal in the Space Pirate mining facility Command Center mentions that Dark Samus is already a class Platinum-AAA threat level, and the author feared that she could surpass this level if she were to consume their entire supply of Phazon. Presumably, this fear came true in the introduction of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption when Dark Samus regenerated herself on the Colossus and became even more powerful, even brainwashing the Pirate crew of the ship.

Dark Hunter AnalysisEdit

Dark Hunter Analysis, 07.202.07
Scans of the "Dark Hunter" have been revealed she grows stronger as she consumes Phazon. Already a class Platinum-AAA threat level, we shudder to think of her power level if she consumes our entire Phazon supply.