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The "collapsed vent room" is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room's primary purpose is to provide access to the System Management room, which controls the Main Sector's electrical system, and is entered through a door on the right. As the name implies, the most significant feature of this room is the presence of a vent in the ceiling, which has partially collapsed on the left and also leads into the System Management room. It may have been damaged by Cyborg Zebesians, which are known to have caused the devastation seen in the previous room. The ventilation shaft can be entered in Morph Ball form, but a grate blocks further passage. To the left of the collapsed vent is a large tank or generator guarded by a partially broken railing. The right wall simply consists of a set of pipes, and the room itself has red light illuminating it.

Samus in the room after the power has been restored.

Samus enters the room for the first time shortly after landing on the BOTTLE SHIP. When she does, the door locks behind her. Like the rest of the Main Sector, the room is without power due to the electrical system being down. It is inhabited by Geemers, which Samus can choose to kill if she wishes. After regrouping with the 07th Platoon and being welcomed into their ranks, Samus is asked by Adam to go to the System Management room to reactivate the power. However, the door is locked, so with her Bombs now authorized, Samus is able to enter the System Management room through the vent, where she reactivates the electricity. With the power on, this room loses its red tint and is shown to be very grey in color, save for sections of the floor with yellow lining.

On further visits to this room (after the credits), it is empty. During the countdown sequence, Samus runs through this room one final time. No explosions occur here and no Super Zebesians are encountered, although two that are in the slender walkway may shoot beams through the door in this room as Samus runs through it. However, she can avoid them if she continues running.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank
Requires Bombs. Samus must roll into the collapsed vent and use a Bomb to destroy a grate, behind which is this tank. Acquiring this tank is unavoidable as this is the only path into the System Management room without power.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 42
"Enter the next chamber of the ship where you'll find several Geemers scurrying about. Take them out, then enter the next corridor."
Page 48-49
"As you enter the next room, several more Geemers attack, this time with a Skree in tow! Obliterate the trio, then clear the room of all other enemies.
Roll up the fallen vent on the left, picking up the Energy Tank as you go, then destroy the second grate to drop into the System Management Room."
Energy Tank!:"With the room clear, you're free to get the Energy Tank hidden in the vent above you. Use Morph Ball to roll into the fallen vent on the left. Follow it up and to the right to a small gate. Remove the gate with a Normal Bomb, then claim your Energy Tank!"