Colossus Vista Golem

Samus' Gunship returns the missing head of a Colossus War Golem in Colossus Vista.

Colossal War Golems are a type of Bryyonian Golem designed by the Bryyonian Lords of Science long ago. They were created for use in warfare against the Primals during the feud between them and the Lords of Science. Their mountain-sized bodies made them far larger than any Mogenar-class War Golems, granting them destructive strength. The Colossal War Golems required a large amount of power to function, and were also capable of exuding green flames from their mouths.
Colossus Vista Golem Reactivates

The complete Golem reactivates after many years of dormancy.

Samus can re-assemble a Colossal War Golem in Bryyo Cliffside; the headless body of this Golem is located in Colossus Vista, situated against a mountain, while the head elsewhere, located in the Fuel Gel Pool. Samus can use the Ship Grapple on her Gunship to collect the Head piece from the Fuel Gel Pool and return to the Vista. A nest of Nightbarbs had taken up residence in the neck area of the Golem. After dropping the head upon the body, the Golem will reactivate and smash a cage in the room with its fist, allowing Samus to collect a Ship Missile Expansion it contained. After the Golem has returned to its position, it deactivates due to lack of energy.


Fuel Gel Pool
"Headpiece to one of the ancient Colossal War Golems. Appears to be movable."
Colossus Vista
"Colossal War Golems used their size to crush opponents. A piece appears to be missing."
Colossus Vista (2)
"Colossal War Golem has expelled remaining energy reserves. Unit is permanently offline."
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