Pirates load Phazon cargo onto the Colossus, unknowing of Dark Samus within. (From Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Preview)

The Colossus is a large Space Pirate craft that unintentionally picked up and revived Dark Samus over Aether after she had somehow escaped the destruction of Dark Aether, unbeknownst to Samus Aran. The Dark Hunter then wiped out a third of the crew before "bewitching" the rest of the Pirates aboard the Colossus into becoming her personal army. They upgraded the ship with Phazon weaponry as she ordered, but this eventually proved insufficient for Dark Samus, who ultimately had them outfit a Leviathan she brought to them with many cybernetic refinements, which the crew dubbed "the Leviathan" (a possible origin for the name of the species), pleasing their great leader.

When she needed a "control unit" for her "living planet", the crew of the Colossus bribed their way to the location of the G.F.S. Valhalla, overtaking the rookie Federation Marines with the newly outfitted vessel, leaving behind multiple Phazon Metroids, corpses and spent Phazon throughout the ship. The Pirates successfully extracted Aurora Unit 313, which also pleased Dark Samus.

After Dark Samus and her disciples sent another Leviathan from Phaaze to impact the Pirate Homeworld using the AU, the rest of the Pirates became her followers, and she now had a new army to command.[1] The fate of the Colossus is unknown. It may have been in the fight above Phaaze, in which case was then likely destroyed.


  • The original meaning of the word in Ancient Greek refers to a giant statue.


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