Colossus Vista is a room in Bryyo Cliffside on Bryyo. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


A small round room with an open sky, there is a large war golem in the background, missing its head. The head is located in Fuel Gel Pool, and must be carried by Ship Grapple over to the Colossus Vista. Other than this and a cage holding a Ship Missile Expansion, the room is of little importance.

Connecting rooms[]


Colossus Vista's Ship Missile Expansion.

Ship Missile Expansion
The Ship Grapple is required for this. Samus must call in her Gunship to lift a golem in the Fuel Gel Pool. Then, she must come to Colossus Vista and command her ship to place the golem head onto a golem in the background. This will activate it, and make it destroy the cage containing the expansion.


War Golem
"Colossal War Golems used their size to crush opponents. A piece appears to be missing."
"Cage invulnerable to weaponry. A giant impact could probably shatter and destroy the bars."
War Golem (2)
"Colossal War Golem has expelled remaining energy reserves. Unit is permanently offline."
"These collapsed stones appear immovable. A giant impact could crumble the debris."


  • A nest of Nightbarbs appear to have taken shelter in the cave around the Golem's neck. When Samus commands her Gunship to drop the Golem's head onto the body, it waits until the Nightbarbs have escaped before placing the head.