Combat Sim

The Combat Deck.

The Combat Sim is a game mode in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It takes place on the Combat Deck of the G.F.S. Aegis. This simulation is the beginning tutorial for the game and can be accessed in between missions in order to practice fighting skills. The ultimate object of the Combat Sim is to defend an unmanned Mech suit from as many waves of holographic Space Pirates as possible for the participating soldier.

General Alex Miles acts as the Federation soldier's guide during the simulation. It begins with teaching the strafe mechanic by having the soldier strafe and dash around three Training Turrets before destroying them. Next, the Marine uses their AUX ammo to shoot Training Turrets that are suspended on the ceiling. Miles then instructs the Marine to step into an Energy Pad, where he drains their energy significantly, and releases Repair Capsules for them to use. Finally, the unmanned Mech appears from the same pad, and the Marine is instructed to repair it using one of the capsules.

After this, the Marine is deemed ready for the rank test. Here, they must defend an ally Mech from a Space Pirate attack for three minutes. Holographic Space Pirates are used. The Pirates can use destructible panels around the arena as cover. Successful completion of this training will result in the Marine being accepted into the Federation Force. The training course can be redone at any time from the menu.

Tutorial textEdit

  • "Use [Control Stick] to move your Mech."
  • "Hold [L] and move sideways to strafe."
  • "Press [B] to jump onto the platform."
  • "Press and hold [B] to hover across the gap."
  • "Shoot the door to open it."
  • "Proceed to the nav point up ahead."
  • "Stand on the pressure pad to open the air lock."
  • "Proceed to the Combat Deck."
  • "Remain locked on and move sideways to strafe."
  • "While strafing, tap [B] to sidestep."
  • "Shoot the turret's weak spot."
  • "Hold [L] to lock on to a Training Turret."
  • "Destroy the Training Turrets."
  • "Collect the Missile AUX ammo."
  • "Press [Y] to fire a Missile."
  • "Move to the scan pad."
  • "Collect a Repair Capsule."
  • "Select the Repair Capsule by changing weapons with [X]."
  • "Use [Y] to fire a Repair Capsule."
  • "Collect a Repair Capsule to restore energy."
  • "Fully restore your Mech's Energy Levels."
  • "Hold [Y] to prepare to fire the Repair Capsule."
  • "Lock on to the unmanned Mech by holding [L]."
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