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Samus and Joey

A Comm system allows an individual, such as a Federation Marine or Samus Aran, to communicate with others when on a mission with a team. Samus uses a comm system in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Metroid: Other M and Samus and Joey. In the latter, Samus presses something on the side of her helmet, when receiving a call from Joey Apronika.

In Corruption, Samus receives transmissions from several individuals, including Aurora Unit 242, Aurora Unit 217, NZG41 and Fleet Admiral Castor Dane, providing her hints and objectives.

In Federation Force, the titular Force receive mission orders from General Alex Miles through their own comm system, as well as an unnamed Federation officer and Samus during certain points of the game.

In Other M, the comm system plays a role in the story. 07th Platoon find their own communication systems to be useless due to interference on the BOTTLE SHIP, forcing them to communicate through Navigation Booths. Samus' remains functional. Commander Adam Malkovich speculates that electrical interference is causing it and assigns James Pierce, the communications expert, to investigate the Control Bridge. Adam links Samus' system to a computer terminal at his desk in the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room, allowing him to see what is transpiring from her end through her Visor. With this link, Adam issues orders to Samus until he is ambushed by the Deleter, who shoots his earpiece off. From this point forward, she is unable to speak with Adam, who is apparently busy fending off the Deleter. In a scene after the credits, Adam is shown to have witnessed Samus's conversation with MB, and rushed to Sector Zero to stop her from doing the same.

Because James Pierce turned out to be the Deleter, it is possible that the interference on the station was his doing. The only reason Samus's system still worked is because he would not have anticipated her arrival.

An example of Adam giving orders to Samus through comms can be heard below. Notably, there is a distinctive distortion heard when a transmission begins and ends.