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Samus scans a Command Icon to input a "Land" command for her Gunship.

Command Icons are exclusive to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They appear in the Command Visor's Heads-Up Display as icons depicting various symbols depending on the task at hand. They are named in Inventory data for both Gunship upgrades.

Throughout Corruption, Samus will call in her Gunship for various reasons: to make use of Landing Sites (the "Land" icon is represented by the bottom of her Gunship), strike at environmental objects with Ship Missiles ("Attack" icon shows a missile pointing diagonally downward) or pick up cargo with the Ship Grapple Beam ("Pickup"/"Drop" icons show an arrow pointing up and down, respectively).

When scanning, two bars on either side of the icon deplete, and the icon repeatedly flashes larger, until scanning is finished, when it is locked in its large size. Scanning gives the same sound effect as when using the Scan Visor in Corruption. When scanning is finished, a robotic voice will say "data received." This quote is also used with the Hint system in the PAL version of Metroid Prime, and all versions of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

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