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Any objections, Lady?

—Adam Malkovich

Commander Adam Malkovich (アダム・マルコビッチ Adamu Marukobitchi?) was a celebrated military leader in the Galactic Federation. He served in the Galactic Federation Army as the only commanding officer to Samus Aran.[2]

Adam was first referred to in Metroid Fusion, and first shown in-person in the Metroid manga. His only physical video game appearance was in Metroid: Other M. After Adam's death, a digital copy of his mind was uploaded to the computer of Samus's Starship; even before discovering the origin of this computer, Samus nicknamed the AI Adam (occasionally stylized as ADAM) after her old commander.[3][4]


Adam Malkovich (Other M)

Adam giving orders to Samus, in a flashback.

Adam Malkovich and his younger brother, Ian Malkovich, both served in the Galactic Federation Army. Adam acted as commanding officer to a unit containing his brother Ian, Samus Aran, and Anthony Higgs. Samus had a lack of respect for authority, and begrudgingly came to see Adam as a surrogate father figure. Her immature disobedience resulted in Adam's catchphrase "Any objections, Lady?", a peculiar way to acknowledge Samus at the ends of mission briefings.

On one particular mission, Adam commanded Ian while repairing the drive unit of the Lusitania with approximately 300 people on board. The drive suddenly went critical, and although Samus volunteered to risk her life to save Ian, Adam refused to let her risk everyone else's lives too. Instead, he commanded the crew to disengage the drive unit before it exploded, sacrificing his younger brother to save hundreds. This incident led to Samus leaving the Federation Army.

Metroid manga[]


Adam Malkovich, as he appeared in the Metroid manga.

Adam Malkovich arrived on Jigrad after Samus disobeyed orders in the Federation Police to save the locals from the Space Pirates. While interrogating P-1, Adam deduced that the attack on Jigrad was a diversion, and soon they received word of the Space Pirate attack on Zebes. Afterwards, he correctly assumed that Samus was leaving to help the survivors on Zebes, despite orders to stand down and wait for the Federation Army. However, he turned a blind eye and allowed Samus to save her Chozo family. Later, he commanded the Federation Army Special Ops Battleship Vixin IV to provide backup for Samus and those fleeing Zebes.

Adam was later present during Chairman Keaton's inauguration at Galactic Federation HQ. He witnessed Samus, who had at this point become a bounty hunter, fight off guards in an attempt to stop a booby-trapped bouquet from reaching Keaton. Adam helped by smacking it away, revealing a hidden Space Pirate assassin and allowing Samus to destroy it.

Adam was present for Samus's briefing on Mother Brain's occupation of Zebes and the propagation of Metroids. He granted Samus data for Missiles and Bombs, but urged Samus not to forget who she is when not in battle, commenting on her lack of ladylike mannerisms. Adam also commanded the Federation Army against the Pirates in a space battle above Zebes, drawing attention away from Samus during her Zero Mission below.

Metroid: Other M[]

Adam issuses orders HD

Adam assigns missions to each of the members of the 07th Platoon and Samus.

Long after parting ways with Samus, Adam received the "Baby's Cry" distress call from the BOTTLE SHIP. He personally led a team of Federation soldiers to investigate, the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon, which consisted of Anthony Higgs, Lyle Smithsonian, Maurice Favreau, James Pierce, and K.G. Misawa. Upon reuniting with Samus Aran, he called her an "outsider" and treated her coldly. However, he accepted her after they cooperated in defeating the Brug Mass, realizing that they needed her support on the condition of her obedience to his instructions, recalling her disobedience as a youth. Thus, Adam would authorize the equipment in Samus's arsenal as he saw fit, which she accepted.

For almost the entire mission, Adam was stationed in the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room while Samus and the 07th Platoon explored the ship. He ordered the Platoon to different areas of the BOTTLE SHIP, with their top priority being to locate survivors. Because Federation communications were entirely useless on the ship, Adam could only communicate to his soldiers one-way, while he could access a live feed of Samus's vision and the two could freely converse. Once Samus got power back on in the Main Sector, he ordered her to explore Sector 1.

When Samus and the platoon discovered Cyborg Zebesians at the Exam Center, Adam noted that bioweapons were strictly prohibited under Galactic Federation law. Once the Zebesians awoke and attacked, Adam ordered the platoon to evacuate the building while Samus fought the Zebesians, and following the scuffle with the Mystery Creature, Adam ordered Samus to pursue it. Later, he suggested that she should look for survivors in the Cryosphere. However, when the Mystery Creature returned, he told Samus to hunt it again.

In the Geothermal Power Plant, Adam ordered Samus to use her Super Missiles to open a magma-eruption port, pouring lava to light up the room. The evolved Mystery Creature turned out to be a clone of Ridley, thought to be destroyed along with Zebes. Realizing that Samus had gone into shock and was unable to respond, Adam tried to get through to her until the Deleter sabotaged his communications headset. From this point on, he was still able to supervise Samus but could no longer communicate with her.

Samus disobeyed Adam's prior orders by activating her Space Jump and Screw Attack to follow the Deleter, which led her to the Bioweapon Research Center. Expecting to find the Deleter, Samus instead encountered MB, who revealed that Adam was credited on the BOTTLE SHIP's Metroid program report. A later flashback showed that Adam witnessed this conversation, and when Samus chose to enter Sector Zero, he ran to stop her, leaving his helmet in the Control Room.

Zero Suit Samus and Adam 3

Adam assures Samus that she must finish the mission.

As Samus encountered an Infant Metroid at the entrance of Sector Zero, Adam shot her in the back with a Freeze Gun before shooting the Metroid too. As Samus regained her bearings, he explained that he did so to prevent her from entering Sector Zero, which contained nigh-indestructible unfreezable Metroids. Pressing him on why he was credited for the Metroid report, Adam explained that he was requested by Galactic Federation HQ to write a report to outline the dangers of such a program. Although HQ heeded his warnings, a faction within the Federation co-opted his report for their own purposes to allow the BOTTLE SHIP to proceed with the project.

Thus, Adam decided to enter Sector Zero and destroy it himself. By inflicting enough damage to the sector, it would detach from the BOTTLE SHIP before self-destructing, eliminating the unfreezable Metroids at the cost of his own life. Before leaving, he gave Samus final orders: divert the BOTTLE SHIP's propulsion system from intercepting the Galactic Federation, secure a survivor that he located in Room MW, and finish off Ridley. He also warned her that MB was no ally. Samus still protested Adam's sacrifice, but he assured her that she was a "galactic savior" who had what it took to finish the mission, while he was "only human" and expendable. After apologizing for shooting her, Adam locked himself in Sector Zero. His last words to Samus were "No objections, right Lady?", to which she responded with a bitter thumbs down.

Adam's Last Moment

Adam's sacrifice.

As planned, Sector Zero detached from the BOTTLE SHIP and self-destructed with Adam on board. Adam's sacrifice and final orders assured Samus that he trusted her completely, giving her the peace of mind to carry on. While fighting the Queen Metroid, a flashback of Adam's death was shown. Also, as Samus headed back to Galactic Federation HQ, she recounted the events of the BOTTLE SHIP and the images of Adam could be seen forming out of space dust, dispersing when Samus's Star Ship passed through them. Back at HQ, Samus swore to never grieve for him and for the first time gave him a thumbs up. After Anthony Higgs gave her a thumbs down in response, she stated that she compared him with Adam, finding another person who understood her.

In the game's ending, after it was decided by the Galactic Federation that the BOTTLE SHIP was to be destroyed, Samus returned to the ship to retrieve "something that could not be replaced": Adam's helmet. Deactivating her Power Suit, Samus cradled the helmet in a tender moment that was interrupted by the ship's self-destruct alarm. In the final sequence, she escaped the BOTTLE SHIP in her Zero Suit with Adam's helmet before the ship exploded.

Metroid Fusion[]

As I listened to the briefing, my thoughts turned to Adam. The real Adam understood me well. He would end orders by saying, "Any objections, Lady?" He knew I wouldn't disagree. That was just his way of noting our trust. I wonder if I can trust this computer, too...

Samus Aran

MF Navigation Room

Adam speaks to Samus via a Navigation Room.

For her mission on the BSL research station, the Galactic Federation gave Samus a new Starship with an artificial intelligence to serve as a personal commanding officer. The computer reminded her of her former CO, so she decided (with noted irony) to name it after Adam. This Adam computer was housed in the onboard computer in the Starship and could be contacted through the Navigation Rooms. The Federation gave him some control over the station, though it was limited to managing doors and restoring the power to elevators. He gave Samus very specific orders in a professional manner, guiding her every move on the X Parasite infested station.

When Samus began disobeying orders and uncovered the Metroid bioweapons projects aboard the BSL station, Adam turned on her. He first ordered her to immediately return to her Starship - when she instead took a detour and destroyed Neo-Ridley to restore her Screw Attack, the computer locked her in a Navigation Room to wait for the Federation's arrival. Samus pleaded with him to see the dangers of allowing the X to persist, accidentally calling him Adam aloud for the first time. He stated that the original Adam was a fool to sacrifice his life for Samus, especially since she now planned to sacrifice herself to eradicate the X. Instead, he shared a plan that wouldn't endanger Samus as much, revealing that this computer was actually a digital backup of Adam's mind made by the Galactic Federation, and he was willing to help her after all. This was marked by the return of his catchphrase: "Any objections, Lady?".

After Samus destroyed the BSL station along with SR388, the pair set off for an unknown destination. Samus pondered the possibility of the original Adam guiding the ship from beyond the grave to save Samus from the doomed BSL station, despite it lacking an autopilot feature, although the computerized Adam revealed that the Starship actually had help from the Etecoons and Dachoras that Samus saved earlier in the mission.

Metroid Dread[]

Adam in Metroid Dread

Network Station

The AI version of ADAM returns in Metroid Dread. ADAM is fully voice acted via a text-to-speech program that is dubbed in various languages; therefore, he has no human voice actor. As Samus flies to ZDR, he remarks that the bounty for their mission seems inappropriate, considering the risk of facing the X Parasites. As she descends into the depths of ZDR, he warns her that he will not be able to remotely communicate with her until she connects to the facility networks, ending with his trademark "Any objections, Lady?".

During Samus's mission, she is able to interface with ADAM via Network Stations, similar to the Navigation Rooms in Fusion, to upload data to him and receive intelligence. Following her defeat by Raven Beak, a hostile Chozo, immediately after descending into ZDR, ADAM orders her to return to the surface and reach her ship. ADAM does not provide objectives or guidance for Samus in Dread, and is instead a source of hints, lore and other story-related information.

When Samus arrives at Itorash and talks with ADAM in the final Network Station, he says her Metroid powers make her a threat to the galaxy and she needs to "submit and offer up her power"; it is quickly revealed that Raven Beak has been speaking to Samus through the guise of ADAM. As confirmed by the game's internal files,[5] Raven Beak has implicitly been impersonating ADAM after her arrival in Artaria; this is subtly hinted throughout the game by the fact that ADAM never addresses Samus as "Lady" during any Network Station conversations. Raven Beak would also boast his superiority through "ADAM" and belittle Samus, telling her to "accept her helplessness" and she "wouldn't be a worthy adversary to him, not even at full power", despite the real ADAM consistently encouraging and having faith in her throughout Fusion and Other M. Finally, "ADAM" telling Samus to "fulfill [her] destiny" in Hanubia is out-of-character, and this line is repeated by Raven Beak after he drops the pretense.

After Samus defeats Raven Beak and returns to her Gunship while ZDR is self-destructing, ADAM is already aware of her awakened Metroid powers and immediately warns her not to start the ship in her Metroid Suit, as doing so would drain the ship's power. Quiet Robe's X-Parasite sacrifices itself to restabilize Samus's DNA, allowing Samus and ADAM to escape ZDR before it explodes.



Adam Malkovich CA

Adam concept art in Gallery Mode, in Metroid: Other M.

Adam Malkovich was a male, Caucasian human. He was fairly tall and had short black hair, his bangs normally spiked in the front under his hat or helmet. He had sharp eyebrows and normally a stern expression. While his brother Ian allegedly resembled their father, Adam resembled their mother.[6] When in the field, Adam wore a Galactic Federation Power Suit equipped with a standard handgun, assault rifle, and Freeze Gun. When in the office, Adam wore the formal dress of the Galactic Federation, featuring a hat, a regal blue coat, and white pants with white shoes.

As an AI, ADAM has no physical body. In Metroid Fusion, he is symbolized by a purple camera lens on the corner of his textbox. In Metroid Dread, when he speaks to Samus in her Starship, his text displays digitally on the windshield in front of her. While Samus was on ZDR, ADAM allegedly spoke to her through the segmented sphere communicators in the Network Stations, though it was later revealed to be a ruse by Raven Beak.


Adam Malkovich order

Adam gives an order in a flashback.

Adam was a dignified yet understanding military genius. Samus described him as gruff, harsh, a perfect military mind, and relentless in criticism, but not a machine obsessed with duty.[3][7] Beneath this tough exterior was a strong moral compass, and a deep respect for his colleagues.[8] Adam had enough humility to admit gaps in knowledge and poor judgements, but was sure to professionally offer alternatives. He was strongly against the use of bioweapons, even writing reports to condemn the Galactic Federation's potential bioweapons programs.[9][10]

The AI duplicate ADAM did not entirely recall his past life at first, or at least did not care, but even so retained his personality. He reminded Samus of her old gruff commander, insomuch she privately named him after Adam without knowing it was him.[3] He showed concern for Samus, but more as an asset than as a friend, and only cared to keep her safe by orders of the Galactic Federation.[11] He was ultimately loyal to the Federation, including the pro-bioweapons conspiracy, even if their plans were fraught with fallacy. He also found the X fascinating, especially the SA-X.[12] He seemed alarmed and disappointed when Samus acted without his approval, such as unlocking Lvl. 4 locks.[13] He was condescending and showed little compassion when she disobeyed his instructions to sabotage the Metroid research, following orders to lock Samus up like a child until the Federation arrived.[14]

Something sparked in the AI when Samus accidentally called him Adam to his face. When she claimed the real Adam would agree that someone needed to self-destruct the BSL research station, ADAM questioned that a so-called "friend" would endanger Samus with such an order. He also called Adam a fool for sacrificing his life for her.[15] Instead, ADAM came up with another plan to destroy the X without sacrificing any human lives. This resulted in him disobeying the Federation and returning to calling Samus "Lady", accepting his old identity. When Samus was later angry that no one would understand their actions, ADAM calmly assured her that someone out there would.[16]

By the time of Metroid Dread, ADAM had again become a valued comrade of Samus's who respected her autonomy as an equal, guiding her as a compassionate mentor rather than a domineering computer. He showed concern for Samus seeking the X on ZDR without proper pay, but did not attempt to talk her out of it.[17]

Character criticisms[]

Adam's office - Adam at his desk

Adam signing paperwork in his office at Galactic Federation Headquarters.

The story of Metroid: Other M has been harshly criticized and is seen by many to have negatively impacted Adam Malkovich's character. In the game's plot, Adam makes highly dubious decisions that contradict how Metroid Fusion's plot praised him as not only a military genius, but also a person who deserved utmost respect and one of the few to genuinely care for Samus. Many fans believe Metroid: Other M failed to provide evidence to these claims, but rather irreparably damaged Adam's reputation.

Among these questionable decisions is Adam's order to have his team split into weaker, smaller groups in the BOTTLE SHIP. This is aggravated by the fact that the group had moments earlier battled the Brug Mass and was powerless to defeat it if not for Samus; there was little doubt that more dangerous organisms would be present on the ship. Additionally, the ship's interference rendered communication channels between individual members useless, putting the divided team in a more vulnerable position.

Adam's choice to prohibit Samus's use of power-ups can be seen as an unreasonable order, as it gave the impression Adam did not trust her skills nor responsibility. Furthermore, Samus had at this point vast amounts of experience in completing missions on hostile planets, consequently making Adam appear condescending. While restricting Power Bombs was understandable, restricting other harmless skills such as the Varia Suit made little sense. This came to a head with the infamous "hell run" sequence in the Pyrosphere, where Adam did not authorize the use of the Varia Suit until Samus was cornered by the Goyagma. It is to be noted, however, that the Japanese version had Adam advise Samus not to enter superheated rooms in this briefing, while the English version makes this order less clear, causing his involvement in the "hell run" sequence to seem different between the two versions.[18][19]

Another criticism regarding Adam is his backstory with Samus in Other M, in particular the flashbacks as well as his relationship to Samus overall. In particular, a flashback revealed Samus left the Federation Army out of regret for needlessly complicating the decision Adam had to make to sacrifice his brother Ian Malkovich. It is implied that his current cold treatment to Samus was the result of her leaving his command to become of a Bounty Hunter after this incident.[20][21] This contrasted somewhat with the Metroid manga, where Adam instead encouraged Samus to leave the Federation Police to fight for her own values.[22]

Moments prior to his death, Adam makes yet another heavily criticized action: shooting Samus in the back with his Freeze Gun and rendering her powerless in front of a Baby Metroid. Despite Adam killing the Metroid almost immediately to save her, he also revealed he presumed all Metroids in Sector 0 were immune to cold-based weapons, surprised and speculating that the young Metroid had yet to develop this trait.[23] Adam had therefore gambled Samus's life by shooting her first and shooting the Metroid second, as he admits he wasn't sure he could have stopped the creature from feeding on her.

Official data[]

Metroid Fusion manual[]

"The concise and logical instruction Samus receives from her ship's computer reminds her of her former Galactic Federation commanding officer, Adam Malkovich. As a result, she has christened the computer Adam."[]

Adam Malkovich[]

"Samus' former superior officer, Commander Malkovich is firm and steadfast in his resolve on the battlefield. Beneath this tough exterior lies a strong moral compass, and a deep respect for those that serve him."

Metroid: Other M Art Folio[]

Adam Malkovich in Combat Armor[]

"I hadn't seen Adam since I left the Galactic Federation Army, and seeing him in full battle dress was disconcerting to say the least. He and his team had been called to the Bottle Ship by the same distress call that I followed, and though he clearly wasn't pleased to see me, I decided to stay for the safety of his team."

General Adam Malkovich[]

"A general in the Galactic Federation Army, he was not only a trusted confidant but also my former superior officer. Because I was so young when I lost both of my parents, there's no question I saw Adam as a sort of father figure. When I rebelled against him, I knew I could get away with it."


"Samus's superior from her days in the Galactic Federation. Investigating the BOTTLE SHIP's distress signal."
After Brug Mass
"Giving orders on the investigation from the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room."
After Main Elevator cutscene
"Currently cannot be contacted. Reasons unknown."
After Sector Zero
"Sacrificed his life in order to destroy Sector Zero."

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

The Galactic Federation (p. 6)
Adam Malkovich
"Adam Malkovich is the Commanding Officer of the Galactic Federation force currently on the BOTTLE SHIP with Samus. Not only is he a decorated Galactic Federation soldier, he's also Samus's old commanding officer when she served in the Galactic Federation. Samus trusts Adam, even though she hasn't always agreed with his decisions, and she has strong feelings for him. He's a mentor and role model for her."

Official Nintendo Magazine issue 59, page 77[]

"Samus' estranged mentor - a 'certain incident' drove her and the Galactic Federation commander apart. Samus bumps into his squad of space marines on The Bottle Ship, who are also investigating the distress call."

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy description[]

Adam Malkovich trophy

"Formerly Samus's commanding officer, Adam led the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon on a rescue mission to the Bottle Ship in Metroid: Other M. Samus held him in high regard, considering him one of the few people to really understand her. Unfortunately, Adam gave his life during the mission, saving Samus in the process."[]

ADAM icon on Dread site
"The computer onboard Samus’ ship. While Samus ultimately calls the shots, ADAM may have helpful info to share."

Similarities to other media[]

The "eye" of the Adam computer bears an uncanny resemblance to that of HAL 9000, the infamous computer in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. HAL also serves a similar purpose as onboard computer, though he has considerably more control over his own ship than Adam (the entire ship, in fact). The ending, where Adam locks Samus in a room, is also similar to the famous scene from the film where HAL locks David Bowman out of the spaceship Discovery One, even down to their dialogue. A similar eye-like object can be seen in Samus's gunship cockpit, above her computer displays, during the ending of Other M when Samus is escaping the BOTTLE SHIP.

Adam's computer form shares character traits with the android Bishop 341-B from Aliens. Like Samus, Ellen Ripley is distrustful of Bishop, but eventually comes to accept and trust him. Like Adam, Bishop "dies" and becomes an adversary to Ripley in Alien3. Adam's initial treatment of Samus in Other M is also similar to that of the warden Harold Andrews in Alien3, who believes Ripley's presence on Fury 16 is disruptive to the prison population.

Adam is also similar to Bob, a character from Iria: Zeiram the Animation OVA and Zeiram the live action film the OVA was based on. Bob was originally a human ally of the bounty hunter protagonist Iria, that is fatally injured by the titular antagonist Zeiram, though his personality is later transferred into a computer by the person who's actions lead to Zeirem's rampage (similar to how the Federation's Project Metroid Warriors resulted in Adam's death). In another comparison to Adam, Bob is later reunited with Iria and becomes her personal AI who helps her on missions. Its possible that these similarities may be more than a coincidence as Iria: Zeiram the Animation was released in Japan in 1994, eight years before the release of Metroid: Fusion.

In Other M, when Samus is killed in some points prior to Adam's death, Adam will yell her name and then plead for her to respond. This may be a reference to the Metal Gear series, where Snake's or Raiden's name is shouted in a similar manner during game over scenes in that series.

Other appearances[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Adam Malkovich Spirits mode

Adam Malkovich confirmed as a Spirit in the November 1, 2018 Nintendo Direct

Adam Malkovich appears as one of hundreds of unlockable Spirits. His appearance is taken from the Other M render of Adam in his Federation Formal Dress. Adam is a Primary Spirit with the Shield type, Novice class, and two Support Spirit slots.

Adam Malkovich can be optionally unlocked in the World of Light, where he is found in the Mysterious Dimension. He can also be battled through the Spirit Board. His Spirit uses Snake (in his white alternate costume) as a Puppet Fighter, presumably because of Adam's reputation as "the perfect military mind". He is fought on the Shadow Moses Island stage, which has similar visual aesthetics to the BOTTLE SHIP's interior. Additionally, Snake is accompanied by Zero Suit Samus (in her white alternate costume) as a teammate, but only Snake needs to be defeated in order to unlock Adam's Spirit; this references his role as Samus's commanding officer.

Adam Malkovich is also referenced in Young Samus's Spirit Battle. During this battle, Snake (once again in his white costume) is a teammate of the Zero Suit Samus Puppet Fighter, and they are fought on the Frigate Orpheon stage. Zero Suit Samus and Snake must both be defeated in this battle.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.


  • In Other M, if Samus delays in the Bottle Ship Control Room after being ordered to follow Lyle to Sector 1 / Biosphere, Adam asks her what is wrong and reminds her to head to her designed destination. The same applies if she tries to enter a sector that she isn't assigned to (even though it is actually locked) at the Main Elevator.
  • After losing contact with him, Samus references Adam's catchphrase by asking, "Any objections, Adam?" when she triggers her Space Jump and Screw Attack without his official consent.
  • Adam knew nearly everything about the secret Metroid breeding program on the BOTTLE SHIP, yet he never mentioned one word of it to the 07th Platoon or Samus.
  • Adam breaks the fourth wall in Fusion if the Sector 4 conversation is heard, by saying "I wonder how many players will see this message...?"
  • When Adam sacrifices himself to destroy Sector Zero, the light in the background gives off a halo of light around him, when aimed correctly, which represents his upcoming sacrifice. Examples of this halo include portrayals of Mary in many medieval paintings, and Bill in the "Sacrifice" poster from Left 4 Dead.
  • Adam is one of three people to have acted as a surrogate father to Samus, the others being Gray Voice, whose blood was given to Samus, and Raven Beak, who also provided his DNA to Samus.
  • Adam is one of three characters in the Metroid series to say "Good luck, Samus", with the other two being Aurora Unit 242 and Aurora Unit 217 in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
  • A cutscene with Samus speaking to ADAM is briefly glimpsed in the gameplay shown during Treehouse Live on June 15, 2021, but is cut off by Theresa Apolinario to prevent spoilers. During the second showcase of Treehouse, Samus interfaces with ADAM again in a Cataris Network Station, where ADAM starts to say "ZDR appears" before the camera cuts away. He can be heard speaking at the start of the Glimpse of Dread teaser, near the end of Another Glimpse of Dread and in the Be careful, Samus ... advertisement.


Metroid manga[]

Metroid: Other M[]

Metroid Fusion[]

Metroid Dread[]

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