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Mauk (モーク Mōku?) (also romanized as Mok) is a member of the Federation Police and has appeared so far only within the Metroid Manga. He is a member of the squad that Samus was in along with Kreatz.

He is extremely strong and is easily capable of taking down several Space Pirates with his bare hands. Mauk also has a heightened sense of smell. The race that he belongs to was recommended for the Galactic Federation by Platinum Chest, so he feels in debt to the Chozo who he later saves.

A few years after the Zebes incident Mauk becomes a Galactic Federation Marine Commander. He is seen discovering many dead bodies killed by Metroids. His surprise indicates that he may be the first (or among the first) of the Federation to independently learn of the deadly potential of the Metroids, before anyone knew what the cause could have been. He also recognized the smell the Metroids left behind on Zebes, from many years ago.

In the last chapter of the manga, Mauk seems to be slightly older. He has now grown a beard (Kreatz asked if it was just for looks) and is seen defending his home planet, Jamoru, from attacking Space Pirate forces. Kreatz helps him fight the pirates and suggests that they help Samus Aran with her Zero Mission.