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Commander Nemo (ネモ 司令 Nemo shirei?)[1] is a character featured only in the Victory Techniques for Metroid. He is seen giving the order to Samus Aran to travel to Zebes to destroy the Metroids and Mother Brain.


After not contacting Samus in a long time, Commander Nemo called for Samus in Year 20X5. At Galactic Federation Police HQ, he briefed Samus on her new mission, explaining that the Metroid capsule had been stolen from the Space Research Vessel Marina by Space Pirates a month earlier. With the Federation Police unable to invade Zebes, Nemo assigned Samus to defeat the Metroids and Mother Brain. Concerned that Samus was out of practice, Nemo also decided to test her skills by playing Volleyball on the Family Computer Disk System. Although he beat her, Samus assuaged his doubts about her reflexes by shooting an outline around him with her Arm Cannon.

To help her during her mission, Commander Nemo provided Samus with a Logbook detailing the Zebesian wildlife. He also informed her that the Mini-Bosses Ridley and Kraid had to be defeated before entering Mother Brain's lair, and recommended that she seek out the power-ups hidden throughout Zebes.

Shortly after entering Mini-Boss Hideout II, Samus's progress through a hallway was halted by a barricade that was too high for her to jump over. Nemo contacted Samus and suggested using the Ice Beam to freeze a Dessgeega and use it as a platform, but Samus was too lazy to retrieve the Ice Beam. As an alternative strategy, Nemo suggested Turbo Bombing. Ten minutes later, after Samus finally succeeded, Nemo checked a guide and realized that there was a secret lower passage accessible by Bombing the floor, much to Samus's annoyance.


Commander Nemo has little tolerance for the lazy youth, and he admonishes Samus for complaining about needing to backtrack for the Ice Beam. In turn, Samus refers to Nemo as a "cranky old geezer".[1] It seems that Nemo is capable of breaking the fourth wall, since he was apparently reading a Metroid strategy guide while Samus was busy Turbo Bombing. He also believes that playing Famicom games is a good test of Samus's skills and reflexes, although he later sheepishly concedes that her actual skill in combat are superior.

Physical appearance[]

Commander Nemo has dark hair and prominent muttonchops, although he is balding with a receding hairline which suggests that he may be middle-aged. He dresses in a military uniform with a badge and epaulets.


  • Although Nemo was never introduced into the main canon, he looks very similar to Chief Hardy and may have been an early precursor.


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