AU Terminal

Communications platforms, also referred to as communications terminals, are computer platforms used to interface with Aurora Units. Each platform features three terminals with predominately blue displays, which shift upwards and tilt back when Samus steps on it. The center terminal is the one Samus uses to speak with Aurora Units; when used this terminal's display turns off, while the other two terminals keep their displays on. Two communications platforms appear in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and are used to speak to Aurora Unit 242 on the G.F.S. Olympus a month after the invasion on Norion, and Aurora Unit 217 on SkyTown, Elysia after curing it of the corruption virus.

The Aurora Chamber on the Olympus is considerably larger than the one on SkyTown. When activated, the platform will move closer to Aurora Unit 242's tank before she emerges from her stasis. If Samus attempts to use the SkyTown terminal before curing 217, a red error message will flash on it. A robotic voice will then say "The Aurora Unit is corrupted and requires repair. Opening maintenance level hatch." This will allow Samus to cure the AU.

As the Aurora Unit stationed on the G.F.S. Valhalla was forcibly removed and its Chamber destroyed; no communications platform is usable or even seen there.

If one looks very closely at the terminals (pictured above), as well as nearly every Galactic Federation-owned screen, one will find that some of the lines of text read "What Will You Do?" and "You Can't Do That On Television!", both of which were early '90s Nickelodeon shows.


Aurora Chamber (G.F.S. Olympus)
"Communication platform allows users to interact with the Aurora Unit. Use terminal to talk to AU 242."
Aurora Chamber (SkyTown)
"Communications terminal allows users to interact with Aurora Unit 217."

A Federation Marine that appears at the door to the Olympus Aurora Chamber instructs Samus to "Step onto the communications platform to interface with the Aurora Unit."


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