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A number of computer screens in Biohazard Containment.

A computer screen[1] is a Space Pirate terminal frequently found within their bases in Metroid Prime. They can be seen aboard the Frigate Orpheon, in the Monitor Station in the Magmoor Caverns, in the Pirates' Glacier One base and in parts of the Phazon Mines. They are blue consoles that usually depict schematics and blueprints, and can often be scanned for Pirate Data or other logs that offer insight into Space Pirate activity. Some of the monitors can be destroyed with weapons fire. Space Pirates can be observed interacting with computer screens when they are unaware of Samus's presence. Those screens found in the Frigate Orpheon are broken after the ship's crash onto Tallon IV. Notably, the computer screens have imprints which are identical to the handprint found on Space Pirate Hand Scanners in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This suggests that the terminals can be accessed via hand scanning, albeit only by Space Pirates and not Samus.

List of rooms containing computer screens[]

Frigate Orpheon[]

Magmoor Caverns[]

Glacier One[]

Phazon Mines[]


  1. ^ Page of Nintendo Power, volume 164: thermal visor - "The next upgrade lies deeper inside the Space Pirate labs, so keep moving through the new area. There are plenty of blue, orange and red computer screens in the area. If you want to fill the Pirate Data section of the Log Book, scan everything you see."