Concealed movement pad

Concealed movement pads are engineered platforms that appear in the Gathering Hall room in Torvus Bog. During Samus Aran's stay at Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, she uses these pads to cross the pool of Water in the room. Slightly resembling Geemers, these platforms resemble spiked mollusks on their top side, and a more flat bottom side. Their bottom contains a Light Crystal that Samus must shoot with the Dark Beam. This will make the pad flip over and allow Samus to use it as a platform. The scan states that it was designed to confuse the Ing.


"Object analysis complete. This is a concealed movement pad. Pad designed to confuse the Ing. Shoot Light Crystal on lower surface to flip the pad over."


  • They bear a remarkable resemblance to an organic material with spikes growing out of it on Zebes.