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Corrupted Pool

Concentrated Phazon or liquid Phazon is a form of Phazon that is watery and can be used in various ways. It is not harmful to Samus Aran, although this is only because when she is able to use this type of Phazon, she has upgraded her Power Suit to have protection from the deadly substance.

Metroid Prime[]

One of Metroid Prime's Phazon puddles.

At the end of Metroid Prime, the titular creature's core essence engages in battle with Samus, and occasionally releases pools of liquefied Phazon onto the ground. As Metroid Prime's only weakness is an overload of Phazon, Samus utilizes these Phazon pools to supercharge her Arm Cannon with the Phazon Beam. This is the only time the Phazon Beam can be used, and the pools dry up after some time or enough use. Various forms of Metroids spawn from the Phazon, summoned by Metroid Prime to distract Samus.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus becomes corrupted by Phazon and begins to produce it within her body. Taking advantage of it using the PED Suit, Samus is able to step into pools of highly concentrated Phazon and, unlike previous games, it will heal her quite rapidly. These pools appear in a few instances in the game, in the Corrupted Pool, Grand Court (after the Mogenar-class War Golem is lifted; spawns Phaazoids) and Transit Tunnel P70. In the latter, the pool is a pseudo-Energy Charge as it allows Samus to replenish energy lost from the Skyway invasion in preparation for the Pirate Commander battle in the next room. The Phazon does not increase or decrease Samus's overall corruption.

The Hazard Shield, in the original version of Corruption, activates when Samus steps into concentrated Phazon despite the fact that it cannot harm her. It most likely does this as it would harm Samus were she not wearing the PED Suit. It does not do this in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version of the game.

Concentrated Phazon in Corruption has the same appearance as Fuel Gel, but is colored blue. Additionally, it emits the same hissing noise from the previous Prime games, when it harmed Samus. This noise may simply be produced by Phazon when something enters it.


"Your PED Suit will allow you to absorb this Phazon into your body and utilize it as energy."