Samus performing Concentration.

Concentration is a technique in Metroid: Other M. It replaces the Energy Capsules and Missile Ammo used in previous games to replenish power. Instead, if Samus Aran's health is low, she can focus power in her Arm Cannon to restore some energy. Not all energy will be restored, only a full tank. The amount of energy that can be restored and the minimum energy required to use Concentration can be used is increased through E-Recovery Tanks. Also, whenever Samus' Missile count drops, she can refill them quickly with Concentration. This technique is similar to the Crystal Flash, but the Crystal Flash consumes her weaponry, while Concentration restores it.

Concentration comes into use during the training sequence at the beginning of the game, as the Head Quarantine Officer instructs Samus to use it before testing her Missiles out. It also appears in a cutscene during the Queen Metroid battle when she activates her Power Bombs. When Samus uses Concentration, her Arm Cannon glows green and her energy replenishes. If Samus is only replenishing her Missiles, the Arm Cannon will glow yellow. If Samus is hit during the procedure, it will cancel, so Samus can only use it effectively if she is not under attack.

On-screen tutorial[edit | edit source]

When your energy is low, hold the Wii Remote vertically and press and hold A to partially replenish it.[1]

This description was changed in the final version of the game:

Hold the Wii Remote vertically and press and hold A to replenish your missiles.

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