Conduit B is a room on Norion. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room has various hallways that Samus must move through. When Samus first enters this room there will be two hallways to take. If Samus takes the right hallway, all she will find is a dead Federation Marine. If Samus takes the left hallway, she will find Liquid Phazon throughout the hallway. Also, if Samus takes the left hallway, she will find a White Blast Shield in an alcove to the left that will lead to Data Storage B, as well as a Blue Door at the end of the corridor that will lead to Cargo Dock B.

Connecting rooms[]



Dead Federation Marine
"Target is deceased. Armorsuit is covered with Phazon-based energy burns."
Power conduit
"System analysis complete. Power conduit is currently inactive. Start generator to energize conduit."


  • A glitch in the programming of the Phazon Grubs in this room may cause one of them to refrain from attacking Samus in favor of pacing up and down through the corridor.