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The "conference hall" is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This is a large room that provides access to several other rooms in the Main Sector. A door on the left leads into a restroom, and a staircase on the back wall leads to a higher floor. Beside the stairs is a portion of glass on the wall that is broken, with shards of glass visible on the floor. In the corner of the left wall is a fluorescent lamp that flickers (when power is restored, it stays lit). The floor has a zigzagging pathway design with a blue tile pattern and yellow border, branching off toward the restroom door and staircase.

The Reos rush into the room.

The upper floor has the same tiled pattern and features a conference area, with scattered papers on the floor and a round table, and fallen chairs. A glass window with cracks separates this part of the room from the lower area; despite the cracks, it cannot be destroyed to open another way down. On the left wall is a ventilation cover that can be destroyed with a Missile, concealing a hidden tunnel that leads to a higher platform in the Spaceport. The wall also features three elongated blue lights.

When Samus enters the room for the first time, three Reos rush in from the restroom door, which locks until they are defeated. It then remains empty of enemies for the rest of the game. As with the rest of the Main Sector, the hall is dark and lacks electricity. As she approaches the upper door, it locks until she uses a Terminal beside it to reopen it. During the escape sequence at the end of the game, the room will begin to explode as Samus reaches the door to exit when she is passing through.

Connecting rooms[]


  • 3 Reos (first visit)

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 42
"Follow the corridor to its end, where you reach a long room with stairs in the far right corner. As you enter, another swarm of Reos attacks from the left! Let loose your Arm Cannon and swat them out of the air.
Note: The room to the immediate left is a restroom. There’s nothing in there, so ignore it and move along.
Climb up the steps in the far right and access the computer monitor. It unlocks the door on the far end of the room, granting you access deeper into the BOTTLE SHIP."
Page 147
"Use a Normal Missile to blow open the small hatch on the left wall in this room, then drop into Morph Ball mode and roll into the vent that leads back to the docking bay. Grab the Missile Tank on the catwalk."