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The "confrontation room" is one of the first rooms in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The room takes on the appearance of a dome, with it being constructed similar to an arena. The room is surrounded by colorful plants behind the walls, which are made of transparent and impenetrable glass. The floor is illuminated with a ring of lights and multiple different tile patterns, while the door leading out of the room is bordered by an archway of metal tapering to the left and right. Part of the ceiling shatters on the first visit; when Samus moves through the opening, there is a ledge behind the walls and a damaged Morph Ball pipe tunnel mounted above the ledge, which is a shortcut to the long dirt tunnel.


This room is the setting for at least three enemy confrontations during Other M. When Samus first enters the room, the door will lock, and part of the ceiling will break, exposing a Grapple Point. This remains unusable even after the Grapple Beam is authorized, until much later in the game. Samus hears a Ghalmanian screech, and one of the creatures appears and grabs her with its tail before slamming her onto the ground. Upon defeating them, the door unlocks and she can proceed.

The Ghalmanian attacks Samus.

While pursuing the Deleter later in the game, Samus returns to this room and fights two Mighty Griptians. After returning from the Bioweapon Research Center through this room, a quick time event occurs where the Rhedogian flies through the door toward Samus. Samus defeats it for good and then obtains the Seeker Missiles before leaving. If this room is visited again after Samus's return to the BOTTLE SHIP, the Mighty Griptians will have returned, but Samus is not required to kill them in order to leave.

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Biosphere Missile Tank 14.jpg
Seeker Missile
Defeat the Rhedogian.
Missile Tank
Can only be obtained after the Rhedogian's defeat. Samus can use the Grapple Point to propel herself through the broken ceiling, onto a platform. The Missile Tank is here in a small crate.