Connection Elevator to Deck Beta is the name given to two similar rooms in the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. Both require Samus to scan a Interface Module to activate a hologram; walking into this makes the elevator move. In the Connection Elevator to Deck Beta that is encountered after the Parasite Queen battle, there is an Auto Defense Turret; this can be deactivated by scanning another Module on the wall.

The Connection Elevator to Deck Beta found while Samus is exploring the wreckage of the Orpheon appears to be the one found connected to the Map Facility. Upon entering the room, the floor explodes, causing a dead Space Pirate to drift upwards. There are 3 Aqua Sacs found in the shaft. The floor below was destroyed, and rocks now puncture the shaft. Wreckage serve as platforms for Samus to use to ascend or descend the shaft. Interestingly, Samus actually goes below the actual elevator shaft to get to the hydro access tunnel.

Connecting RoomsEdit

Connection Elevator to Deck Beta orpheon dolphin HD

The elevator hologram.

Room encountered before Parasite Queen battle:

Room encountered after Parasite Queen battle:

Room encountered after Frigate crash:



Both Frigate Orpheon versionsEdit

Lift (inactive)
"This platform does not seem to be functional. There must be something nearby that will turn it on.
Interface Module
"Access to Deck Beta approved. Please step into the hologram."
Lift Hologram
"Platform active."

Before Parasite QueenEdit

"Entrance to Deck Beta Conduit Hall"
"Entrance to Map Facility"

After Parasite QueenEdit

Door to Deck Gamma Monitor Hall
"This door has been sealed to prevent radiation leaks."
"Entrance to Biotech Research Area 1"
Interface Module (If turret is intact)
"Perimeter Defense Turret >> Disabled"
Interface Module (If turret is destroyed)
"Perimeter Defense Turret >> Malfunction"


  • The Connection Elevator to Deck Beta after the crash, is not the same one found when entering the first time. The room after the crash resembles to the cylindrical rooms of the Main Ventilation Shaft Section B and C.
  • Deck Alpha Umbilical Hall is at the top of the room, but cannot be entered after the crash due to the actual elevator crashing and shattering at the bottom of the shaft. There are no platforms allowing access up.


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