The Construction Bay is an area in SkyTown on Elysia. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


From the Maintenance Shaft GP entrance, a lift appears to the left that will take small objects to the platform adjacent to the Ballista Lift entrance. However, this lift is in need of additional power before it may be used. This can be provided by using the Grapple Voltage on a nearby terminal. Other floating platforms lead from the Maintenance Shaft GP entrance to a large structure with four Grapple Points on its bottom. However, metal panels appear between these Grapple Points, though they may be released from a tunnel within the structure. Beyond this structure lies a crane, whose positioning may be adjusted via Hand Scanner.

Connecting rooms[]


First Visit[]

After Acquiring Grapple Voltage[]


Missile Expansion
Found atop the Grapple Point structure.


Grapple Voltage Terminal
"Energy switch requires additional power to activate the connecting lift system."
Grapple Voltage Terminal (energized)
"Energy switch powered. Connecting lift system is now online and ready for use."
Safety clamp
"Safety clamp is securing the hatch in place. Remove the clamp to open the hatch."
Metal panels
"These large metal panels are being held in place by clamps within the floating structure."
Crane unit
"Crane unit is energized. Engage manual control unit to move crane into position."
Crane unit (moved)
"Malfunction in crane control. Unable to restore operations. Crane will remain in position."
Phazon (SkyTown Data)
"One week after we had lost communication with the Aurora Unit, we witnessed the living planet strike again. It sent forth several stellar objects, one aimed directly for us. It streaked through the clouds of Elysia, destroying a large portion of our home, ultimately striking the distant core below. Soon our sensors detected the presence of strange energy. Our readings matched with the Federation's data-this was the same toxin that corrupted countless other planets and our creators' world-the galactic scourge called Phazon."