Containment system

A containment system is an elaborate security system employed by the Luminoth in the Hall of Honored Dead during Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus is required to disable it in order to obtain the Seeker Launcher.


The Launcher is held within a containment chamber that is invulnerable to all of Samus's weapons. Samus must raise a tall circular structure through using a number of Spinners in the Hall. These Spinners are color-coded red, blue, yellow and purple. They rotate a number of rings on the floor around the containment chamber into place; the rings glow gold when they are all locked together. The exact order of the Spinners is difficult to pin down, so it is best for Samus to keep experimenting with each Spinner until they are all aligned, similar to a Rubik's cube. Once the rings are aligned, a tall circular structure will rise around the rings. Lasers will be emitted through the mouths of the Luminoth Sentinel statues on the walls and be reflected onto the glass chamber, heating it up until it shatters. The Seeker Launcher can then be collected. The beam-emitting structure sinks back into the ground during the acquisition cutscene, and the Spinners cannot be used to raise it again.

In the Hall of Honored Dead's Dark Aether counterpart, the Sky Temple Gateway, the same structure is present, although it serves a different purpose. It is always active, and its ten pillars (more than the Hall's four) each have a slot for a Sky Temple Key. When Samus has recovered all nine of them, they enter the slots, and the structure sinks into the ground, enabling a Light Shaft that will bring Samus into the Sky Temple.


Central containment chamber
"Structural analysis complete.
Object is part of a containment system. It is secured by a series of rotating locks around it, which are in turn controlled by a group of Spinners."
Beam emitter structure
"Structural analysis complete.
Structure is part of a security system. Powerful beam emitters are tuned to the frequency needed to shatter the central containment chamber."
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