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The Control Bridge was the central control area of the BOTTLE SHIP in Metroid: Other M. James Pierce was ordered by Adam to investigate the area to repair the communication interfaces. It is not visited by Samus until after the credits.


It was a large area with enormous windows outside and an array of control consoles and data screens. As the name implied, this was the area where the majority of the ship's functions are controlled from, most importantly of which was the Ship's course.


Samus returned to the BOTTLE SHIP after her main directive was completed and passed through here on her personal objective to retrieve Adam's helmet. Upon arriving at the Control Bridge, the figure of Phantoon emerged from outside the viewing windows of the room and did battle with Samus once again. During the battle, the creature completely removed the windows of the Control Bridge, exposing the room to the vacuum of space and allowing Phantoon greater access to the Bridge to attack Samus. Samus countered this by enabling her Gravity Feature to remain grounded in the room. Samus landed a finishing blow on Phantoon, causing it to fall back screaming into space and explode. After its defeat, a Grapple Point activated in the east of the room, allowing Samus to reach a high ledge and leave the Control Bridge.

Connecting rooms[]