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The Control Room[1] is a sub-room of the Ventilation Shaft on the second level of the Phazon Mines. It goes unnamed in Metroid Prime but is named in Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide. It is located behind the ventilation fan on the left side of the Ventilation Shaft, accessible through a tunnel.

On Samus's first visit to the Ventilation Shaft, the room will fill with Puffers spewing meta-viprium gas. A grate with traces of Bendezium is found blocking access to the Control Room, forcing Samus to escape as she is unable to deal with it at that time. After returning from the Central Dynamo with the Power Bombs, Samus can use one to destroy the grate and roll into the Control Room. An Interface Module in here can be scanned to reactivate the left fan in the shaft. It will push the Puffers into the other fan, destroying them as well as the fan and clearing the room of toxin. An Energy Tank is then revealed for Samus's troubles.

Connecting roomsEdit


Interface Module
"Ventilation control restored. Fans online and clearing fumes."

Official dataEdit

Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"As soon as you roll back out of the Control Room, you'll find an Energy Tank waiting for you. Once you take the prize, use the Boost Ball to roll out of the shaft and make for the Ore Processing room."


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