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This article is about the room on the BOTTLE SHIP. For other uses, see Control Room (Disambiguation).

The control room (制御室?)[1] is an expansive room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M and is where the final confrontation against MB, or "Melissa Bergman", takes place.


The room is square in shape and has two floors; Samus enters from the bottom floor the first time. Another hatch, which is locked on the first visit, leads to another room that Samus can explore when she returns to the BOTTLE SHIP. The second floor contains an elevator that is used in a cutscene, but cannot be used in gameplay. On the first visit, the second floor's walls are lined with dormant Desbrachian pods. There is no access between the two floors in the control room itself, so Samus will have to backtrack if she falls to the bottom floor. There is a lift, but Samus is not able to use it. Concept art of the Bioweapon Research Center suggests that this room is for observation of the Queen Metroid, in the nearby Room MW.[1]


MB appears.

After encountering a survivor of the BOTTLE SHIP in Room MW, Samus destroys a Queen Metroid that the survivor releases in an attempt to kill Samus, who she assumes is an assassin sent to silence her. The survivor's hiding chamber is breached by the Power Bomb Samus uses to destroy the Queen, and she quickly flees. Samus pursues her to this room and corners her against a door. Fearing for her life, the survivor screams at Samus to not come any closer. Samus calmly introduces herself and explains that she is here to rescue the woman. She asks if she may approach her, and the survivor acquiesces.

The survivor introduces herself as Madeline Bergman, the director of the illegal bioweapons project on the BOTTLE SHIP. Confused, Samus explains that she met another female survivor who identified herself as such. Madeline shows her ID badge and clarifies that the woman Samus met before was MB in android form. Madeline proceeds to explain the truth behind MB's rampage and her relationship with "Melissa", as she called the android. While Samus listens, she pieces together the events that transpired before her arrival through a monologue.

Samus shields Madeline from MB.

As Madeline states that MB has been backed into a corner, with her plans to attack the Galactic Federation foiled, the girl appears, brandishing a Freeze Gun. A standoff between Samus and MB ensues; Samus attempts to shield Madeline, but she steps out from behind the Bounty Hunter and attempts to apologize to the android. She seems to succeed, as MB lowers her weapon. However, she apparently senses an incoming Freeze Gun blast, and pushes Madeline out of its path. The blast freezes over Melissa.

The Federation Army storms the control room and surrounds MB, Madeline and Samus, ordering them not to move. Seconds later, MB thaws and throws her Freeze Gun towards Madeline, before telepathically summoning hordes of Desbrachians, Ghalmanians and Mighty Griptians to attack the soldiers. Samus orders Madeline to stay behind her, acting as her human shield. In the ensuing battle, Samus uses her Missiles to continually blast Desbrachians out of her line of sight, until she has a clear shot at MB. Upon using Examine on MB, another cutscene ensues.

Madeline attempts to reason with MB.

Madeline picks up the Freeze Gun, and reluctantly fires at MB, re-freezing her. The Colonel that was leading the soldiers orders a number of snipers concealed on the second floor to fire at MB, killing her. The Desbrachians disintegrate around a sobbing Madeline, who collapses in front of her fallen "daughter". The Colonel descends to the lower floor via the elevator, and steps on MB's hairclip, which had fallen off of her head when she pushed Madeline. His men hold Samus at gunpoint. The Colonel approaches Samus, thanking her for her service while reminding her that as she is an independent Bounty Hunter, and all members of the 07th Platoon she was working with are dead, she is barred from any contact with Madeline. He admonishes her for her "predilection for transporting illegal cargo, like infant Metroids", referring to the baby, and orders a soldier to escort her to her Star Ship.

A soldier takes her by the arm and says "Time for us to go. C'mon, Princess." Confused, the Colonel demands the soldier's identity. He reveals himself as Anthony Higgs, the last surviving soldier in the 07th Platoon. Since he is still alive, his orders from Adam Malkovich (approved by the Chairman of the Galactic Federation) to secure the safety of any survivors override the Colonel's authority. Samus and Anthony smile at each other, before leaving the room with Madeline (offscreen).

The control room can be accessed in gameplay upon Samus's return to the BOTTLE SHIP after the credits. The hairclip is no longer present, suggesting someone, likely Madeline took it. The door that Samus cornered her in front of can now be opened, and leads to another room full of computer monitors, with some expansions.


Note: (M) means Samus is speaking this line in a monologue. [flashback] denotes a line spoken by a character in a flashback.

Madeline: Don't come any closer! [she bangs on door] Don't come any closer! Stay away from me...

Samus:Easy. I won't come any closer until you say so. My name is Samus. I'm an independent bounty hunter. I know the situation here, and I know how you must feel. I'm here to secure your safety.

May I come closer? [she nods, Samus steps forward]

Samus: What's your role at this facility?

Madeline: I'm responsible for all operations. My name is Madeline Bergman.

Samus: Wait a minute. I met another woman who called herself Madeline Bergman. What's going on here?

Madeline: [shows Samus her badge] What you met was MB. She's an android. She was created with the intellectual data of Mother Brain and consequently developed Mother Brain's consciousness as well.

Samus: What?!

Samus (M): The Federation's foolish plan... Mother Brain's rampage... Everything that happened here was just as Madeline—or rather, MB—had told me. The person who sabotaged the system to stop MB's rampage and sent out the distress call had to be the person standing before me—it had to be Madeline Bergman.

Madeline: MB was the artificial intelligence originally developed to regenerate and control Space Pirate special forces. Because we wanted it to control these special forces through telepathy, we were forced to model its infrastructure after Mother Brain. At that time, MB didn't have a human form. Before long we started to see the viability of creating Metroid clones. Once we did... MB started to take on her current shape.

Samus: But why?

Madeline: Because we needed the first Metroid hatchling to recognize MB as its mother, she had to take on the form of a living thing. With that as our theoretical basis, we were able to create the ideal relationship with the Metroid. One that wasn't based on dominance or control.

Samus (M): I remembered the baby hatching before my eyes. When it attacked Mother Brain in order to save me—that was the result of the kind of ideal relationship they were trying to develop with MB. They found the perfect means of control and started propagating Metroids in Sector Zero. At the same time, they were conducting genetic-manipulation experiments to create unfreezable Metroids. Apparently the queen I met earlier was the first of these propagated Metroids to mature. They wanted to preserve her as a control specimen, so they had left her genes unaltered. The fact that she'd grow into a queen was something not even Madeline and her team could have predicted. Only special infants had the genetic coding to become queens.

Madeline: Once our MB was in a human form, she excelled. As an interface between us and them, her skills with personal interaction humanized her to a great extent.

MB: [flashback] If my theory is correct, this is going to be a ground-breaking multi-system for artificial intelligence.

Scientist: [flashback] Fascinating!

Madeline: Her confidence was unwavering, and her ability to learn was greater than we'd expected. But then...

MB: [flashback] ... and we waste time even talking about it! ...

Scientist: [flashback] Whatever this theory is ancient.

MB: [flashback] ... I will show you! I will complete this system all by myself!

Madeline: She developed emotions. Then a nascent sense of herself. She began asserting her own thoughts, and her opinions began to contradict ours. It's quite typical for artificial intelligence to evolve as a result of self-analysis. However, there's no precedent for an AI like MB developing emotions. It's possible that her interactions with the Metroids brought it about, but we don't know for sure.

Samus (M): The newly hatched infant took to her like his mother... and perhaps at that moment, MB began to develop a soul. It was all conjecture... but the idea wouldn't leave my mind.

Madeline: And that was when we decided to alter her AI program.

Samus (M): A humanlike existence... But one without feelings. To make MB less than human, the researchers had to deny her that consciousness. I knew this... but in my heart, I felt sympathy for MB.

Madeline: On the day we were going to alter MB's program, right before my eyes...

BOTTLE SHIP Security Guard [flashback]: Come on! Come on!

MB: [flashback] No! Stop!

Madeline: I watched her being restrained.

Madeline: [flashback] Stop! What are you doing to her?

Researcher: [flashback] These orders are from above. Take her away!

Madeline: [flashback] MB!

Scientist: [flashback] Wait!

MB: [flashback] Madeline!

Madeline: She reached out to me and asked me for help.

Technician: [flashback] Calm down!

MB: [flashback] No!

Researcher: [flashback] Take her away!

Madeline: But there was nothing I could do...

MB: [flashback] Wha... What's happening?

Madeline: My presence that day caused a disturbing reaction in her. She was fixated on me...

Samus (M): Madeline had taken to calling MB "Melissa." She took the initials MB and told the AI they stood for Melissa Bergman.

Madeline: [flashback] Oh, Melissa! It looks great on you!

Samus (M): MB liked that name—it made it sound like Madeline was calling her her daughter. Once she felt abandoned and hunted by that same Madeline, MB telepathically commanded the special forces to revolt. The facility fell into complete chaos and suffered widespread damage.

Madeline: MB was trying to get revenge on the Federation Army... and on us. It's possible all humans have become the target of her hatred.

Samus (M): With the Space Pirates under her control, she was able to propagate the Metroids in Sector Zero, even creating a Queen Metroid. She was well armed and planning her attack on the Galactic Federation. But Adam and I crushed her plan completely. And now... who could guess where she was and what she planned next?

Madeline: She's backed into a corner. And her hatred is entirely focused on you and me right now... Huh?! [MB appears] MB!

[Samus steps in front of Madeline]

Madeline: Wait... MB. Calm down. Please, listen! [she steps forward]

Samus: Madeline! Step back!

Madeline: You... I mean, we were wrong. It's all over.

Samus: Madeline!

MB: I was not wrong. The humans were foolish, and I was forced to bring judgment on them. And yet because of you... I failed. You must understand the weight of your crime. You must pay the price for what you've done.

Madeline: Please, MB. We have to get past this.

MB: No. You will all be judged.

Madeline: It's OK now. I won't ever fail you again. I promise... I'm so sorry, Melissa.

Madeline: [flashback] Oh Melissa... It looks great on you... Melissa Bergman... That's your name.

[MB pushes Madeline out of the way and is frozen]

Madeline: Melissa!

Soldier: Let's go! Move! [they surround Samus] Don't move!

Soldier: Wha... What's that sound?!

Soldier: What's that? There, over there! [Desbrachians appear]

Samus: Madeline. Stay close to me! [Samus shoots the Desbrachians and locks onto MB]

Madeline: Stop! [she shoots MB]

The Colonel: Fire! [MB is killed]

Madeline: No! Melissa!

Soldier: [to Samus] Wait! Don't move!

Madeline: Melissa!

Soldier: Hey, are you OK? Hey, man down over there too! I'm getting you out of here!

The Colonel: Samus Aran. I heard what happened. You performed admirably. You can leave the rest to us.

Soldier: [restraining Madeline] Come on! Get up now!

Samus: Madeline!

The Colonel: Wait. Aran. Unfortunate, what happened to Commander Malkovich. And to think that his entire unit was annihilated... Truly a tragic day... Would you agree, Aran? Sadly, with them gone, you're just an outsider. And given your unofficial status, I cannot allow you contact with the witness. With your predilection for transporting illegal cargo, like infant Metroids, I must ask that you restrict your— [chuckle] Time for the lady to go home. Someone escort her!

Soldier: Yes, sir! [he grabs Samus's left arm] Time for us to go. C'mon, Princess.

The Colonel: Wha... Stop right there! Who are you? [trooper reveals himself as Anthony]

Anthony: Anthony Higgs, sir. Galactic Federation Platoon Seven. I need to secure the safety of any survivors—Commander Malkovich's orders, and the purpose of this mission.

The Colonel: What?!

Anthony: Authorized by the chairman of the Galactic Federation, of course.

The Colonel: What do you mean, the chairman—

Anthony: ...But man, you guys made it here quick! I mean, if I hadn't stopped the engines, we might've missed each other.

Connecting rooms[]

The ground door to the operations base is locked on the first visit, and Madeline backs up against it when fleeing from Samus. The higher doors to that room appear to be open, but at that point they are not reachable.


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Concept art of the room.

"The part between the 2F loft and the ceiling has a gloomy impression (as if snipers are concealed there). Design the room's size as 20m high x 30m long. Design the room's full height at 20m, and it is 10m to the loft scaffolding."

"For the setup of the room where the climax scene takes place, I think we should design it as the control room for observation of the Queen Metroid's breeding. Facing from the central door, the room's features include all sorts of monitors and control panels, and a lift installed on the right, giving the impression it's a little messy."[1]