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The Portal Terminal in the Agon Wastes features a conveyor system of tunnels within its walls and a solar lens above the floor. Originally, this mechanism was used for the purposes of transporting Kinetic Orbs, although how the solar lenses factored in is unknown. By the time Samus Aran arrives on Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, this mechanism has been converted into a power source for a Portal generation system. Samus can fit into the conveyor system's tunnels in her Morph Ball form, and must do so to reactivate the Portal and access the Dark Agon Wastes.

Upon entry into the room, Samus must battle four Pirate Troopers, two of which become possessed by black fog. After their deaths, a Bomb Slot activates. When Samus uses this Slot, the conveyor system begins to work again. Samus must roll into the tunnel next to the Slot, which contains a lift that allows her to access the upper section of the Portal Terminal. She will run into a Talloric Alloy block; using a bomb on it will lower the first platform and lens in the room. Samus can jump over to the other side of the room and repeat the first step, to bring down another platform. This takes her to a third section of tunnels in the wall, which are square, contain no lifts and are inhabited by Pillbugs. After bombing a third Talloric Alloy block, the last platform and lens moves down. Sunlight from the Main Energy Controller shines down into the room through the lenses and onto some sort of solar generator, with a pipe going into the generator. Following this, the Portal generation system activates, and the conveyor system becomes obsolete.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Object scan complete.
Target is part of a conveyor system.
Conveyor system originally used to transport Kinetic Orbs. Provides access to upper section of room."

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