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The "cooling fan hallway" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The hallway is a long, straight room with a metal walkway. It has been severely affected by the climate control system's malfunction, with ice growing on parts of the architecture. The hallway is lined with buttresses, large pipes, a sliding platform and a track on the left side. There is a long pipe within the ceiling as well. Towards the back of the room is a pair of cooling fans blowing extremely cold wind, and above them is a control booth. Close to the back of the room, there is a massive dent in the floor, caused by an unknown impact. The exit door is present there as well, but is locked.

Samus comes to this room shortly after encountering a dead Gigafraug that exhibited signs of Metroid predation. Here, she encounters a live Gigafraug, which can interrupt her navigation of the room if it is not dispatched. She also encounters a Fly Pod behind the left fan, spawning Himellas indefinitely until it is destroyed. Once she has done so, she can freeze the fans with a charged Ice Beam shot. The Diffusion Beam that is stacked with her Ice Beam will spread the effect of the shot on one fan to the other, permanently freezing both and stopping the wind. Like other cooling fans in the Cryosphere, it is possible to roll into the vents behind them using the Morph Ball, but there is no reason to do so as they do not lead anywhere.

Samus using the sliding platform.

To use the sliding platform, Samus must shoot off ice that has frozen over it with a Missile. She can then grab onto the platform to be brought up to the control booth, which she jumps into. The booth has a red tint to it, and what appears to be a door from an inaccessible area. A Terminal is present here; this opens the door to leave the hallway. Next to it is a desk and computer with a chair that has been flipped on its side, and a broken window with shards of glass visible on the booth's floor.

Connecting rooms[]

Samus defeating the Gigafraug with an Overblast.



Missile Tank 1
Requires Speed Booster. Samus must destroy an ice stalactite on the ceiling, and then return to the room's entrance. Building up running speed, she must Shinespark when she reaches the dent in the floor, and quickly grab a ledge in the pipe within the ceiling, then roll forward.
Missile Tank 2
Requires Speed Booster. In the same pipe, Samus must jump over the gap with a Bomb Jump or the Spring Ball and then use a Bomb to open a small crate.

The Energy Part.

Energy Part
Requires Power Bombs. Samus must summon the Desbrachian from its gate and defeat it, then proceed into the room it was guarding to obtain this Energy Part.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 90
"The next section of hallway is inhabited by several Himellas and an Gigafraug! Take out the Gigafraug first, then rush to the far end of the room where the Himellas are coming from. Freeze the fans at the far end with a Charge Beam blast, then use missiles to obliterate the Himella pod behind the left fan.
Blow off the ice chunks covering the power line along the left wall, then hop onto the platform on the near-left end of the room. Ride it across the room until you reach the small control room on the opposite side of the room, then hop into the room from the platform. Use the computer console in the room to unlock the hatch below."
Page 155
"There are two Missile Tanks in the overhead pipe running across the length of this room. To reach it, back up to the room’s lower entrance and run toward the control center at the far end. Just as you reach the small dip in the floor, use Shinespark to jump straight up into a hole in the pipe. Pull yourself into the pipe and roll forward to find the first Missile Tank. The other Missile Tank is at the opposite end of the pipe."
Page 166
"Use a Power Bomb to wake the Desbrachian in this room and defeat it. Behind it is a hatch to a small room holding an Energy Part."


  • The game may lag when entering this room for the first time, perhaps due to the blowing fans or Gigafraug, or both. The performance improves once the Gigafraug is defeated.
  • This is the only room with a sliding platform to not be a part of the Biosphere.