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Corpious is a large creature and a boss in the upcoming game Metroid Dread.

Physical appearance[]

Corpious is a rather hideous, large creature. Since it has no legs, it crawls along the ground with its muscular arms and its upper body is slouched over. It has eight yellow eyes on the front of its face, which resembles tendrils forming a maw. Its main body is a turquoise color with claws for fingers, and a red backside which resembles exposed muscle. Its long tail has a ridged length and can be extended, similar to the Queen Metroid's long-necked attack in Metroid II: Return of Samus. Near the end of the tail is a bulb and a sharp point; the latter resembles that of Ridley and his adolescent form. Before Corpious spits projectiles, its chin will inflate much like a toad.


The beast recoils in pain after being hit by a Missile.

Before the battle, Corpious' invisible form can be seen fleeing from Samus in the background of several cavernous rooms in Artaria. This includes a water-filled corridor with background creatures, and a vertical shaft with a Presence door, the latter of which directly precedes the location of its fight.

Samus enters a large chamber with a massive statue of a Chozo wearing a cloak. As she is walking, Corpious materializes behind and approaches her. She fires a Missile at its face, causing it to recoil in pain. She takes the opportunity to Slide under it behind the beast and prepares to fight.

First phase[]

Corpius' tail stuck in the ground.

Corpious crawls back and forth along the floor during the battle. Its main attack is its expanding tail, which it thrusts forward in an arc in an attempt to impale Samus. If it misses her, the tail will embed into the floor and Corpious will attempt to pull it out for two seconds. Should Samus be between the stuck tail and Corpious, she will have a small window of opportunity to inflict damage to the creature's face, its weak spot, with Missiles or Charge Shots. After it performs its impaling attack, Corpious will spit a green blob at Samus, which can be shot for energy or Missile Ammo, and swipe at Samus with its tail. The latter attack is telegraphed by Corpious swinging its tail back, before quickly whipping it forward. The green blobs deal 40 units of damage to Samus if they hit her.

Second phase[]

Once Corpious has sustained enough damage, it roars and turns invisible in a short cutscene. While its form can still be faintly seen, the large bulb on its tail gives its position away as it glows bright yellow. Samus must switch to targeting the bulb on Corpious' tail, which turns red as it takes damage. After it takes enough, it begins to flash and beep (indicating the creature is partly cybernetic) and Corpious grows more aggressive, destroying part of the room and exposing blue panels on the left and right walls.

Corpious, having turned invisible.

Corpious turns completely invisible, before reappearing visibly with its back turned to Samus. It now stands on its arms, with spikes extending from its sides to act as "legs". It will now sink into the ground rapidly and slam its tail down on Samus like a whip, which is telegraphed by it flapping back and forth for a few seconds. This deals 10 units of damage. To avoid this, Samus must Slide underneath its body to its face and quickly use the Melee Counter (in this case a backward flip kick) to stun the boss. She can then fire at its face, which begins a Grab Sequence wherein she Lethal Strikes the creature before it knocks her off its face. It then grabs her with its tail and brings her in front of its face, giving Samus an opportunity to fire at it before it pushes her to the side, beginning the third phase.

Third phase[]

Corpious breathing gas.

In the next phase, Corpious will expand its mouth and crawl towards Samus before breathing a toxic gas on the ground. To avoid this, Samus must jump to a magnetic strip on the wall with her Spider Magnet and wait for the gas to dissipate. She can target Corpious' face while it does this. It will attempt to impale her and spit poison globs while she is attached to the wall. As it approaches the wall, it will slam into it, knocking Samus down, and turn invisible again, forcing Samus to continue targeting its bulb. After the bulb is damaged, Corpious will again turn its back to Samus, allowing her to repeat the cinematic sequence. From there, Samus must continue to shoot it in the face.

When Corpious is defeated, it rears its head one last time before collapsing to the ground. It struggles to stand back up. Samus, watching from a distance, begins charging her beam and moves to the side. The creature recovers and lunges for her, but Samus slowly raises her Arm Cannon, fires a charged blast into its face and Spin Jumps through its curled tail as it runs into the massive Chozo statue, destroying it. Corpious collapses dead and its body disintegrates, but not before Samus picks up its tail and receives the Phantom Cloak.

Official data[]

Nintendo of America tweets[]

"Countering boss attacks with precision timing sometimes allows Samus to deploy a devastating barrage of missiles in #MetroidDread.


"Another triumph for the legendary bounty hunter, Samus Aran.

#MetroidDread #NintendoTreehouseLive"[2]


  • Corpious' name seems to be a portmanteau of corpus and the suffix -ious, meaning "characterized by; full of."



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