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"Corpius' room" is a room in Artaria. It appears in Metroid Dread, and is the location of Corpius, a boss.


This is a massive room with red sand covering the floor. Rays of sunshine can be seen pouring into the room from the ceiling, suggesting it is not very deep underground. A massive Chozo statue can be seen in the background on a slight incline, seemingly held up by large cables. The Chozo is wearing a cloak and appears to have its arms outstretched, and it is standing on a flat disc. Ribcages belonging to an unknown creature, protruding spikes, boulders, patches of white sand, curved buttresses and more cables can also be seen in the background.

Samus runs into the room before noticing the massive Chozo statue. As she observes it and continues forward, Corpius materializes from behind her. Samus attacks it before sliding under its body, commencing their battle. During the fight, Corpius destroys parts of the wall with its tail, exposing blue magnetic strips. Samus is able to jump and hold onto these with her Spider Magnet for the next part of the fight. Eventually, Samus defeats Corpius and sends it crashing into the Chozo statue, destroying it completely. The disc that was the statue's base lands atop Corpius' head, dealing a finishing blow. Samus picks up the bulb on the beast's tail before its body disintegrates, revealing the Phantom Cloak Aeion ability.

When Artaria experiences a drop in temperature, the door to this room freezes over, making it inaccessible. It can be visited again when Samus kills Experiment No. Z-57, restoring thermal power.

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Phantom Cloak
Defeat Corpius.