Corridor No. 5[1], also known as Brinstar's lower-right corridor[2], is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In Metroid, Corridor No. 5 consists of gold rocky terrain, several pits of acid, and Air Holes that spawn Zebs. The Air Holes are often clustered between large blocks of rocky material, although two Air Holes are positioned above one of the pools of acid. A Missile Tank is placed on a structure suspended above an acid pit; this is expected to be the first Missile tank that Samus Aran collects in these games (and, by extension, the entire series). Corridor No. 5 ultimately leads to an elevator, which takes Samus into the fire zone of Norfair.

In Zero Mission, Corridor No. 5 now has a dull brown or red appearance, and notably contains boulders and the ruins of collapsed pillars, similar to those seen in the background throughout the "brown rock" areas of Brinstar. The Zebs' Air Holes no longer appear as artificial structures and are instead fissures in the natural terrain. After Samus acquires the first Missile Tank, she is unable to progress further until she acquires the Bomb, due to the presence of a blockade in front of the access to Norfair. As she backtracks to Corridor No. 4, she is ambushed by the Charge Beam Beast. If she fails to kill the creature during an encounter, she will continue to be accosted whenever she passes through Corridor No. 5 until it is destroyed.

Connecting rooms[]

The Charge Beam Beast in Zero Mission



Zero Mission[]



Zero Mission[]

Official data[]

Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"After a long climb in an enemy-infested, vertical passage and a journey through an equally dangerous tunnel, you'll be ready for more firepower. Hop over damaging liquid onto a platform that holds the first Missile Tank."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

014 missile tank (pg. 30)
"Open a blue hatch and run to the right through a tunnel that is marked by ancient ruins and damaging lava[sic] pools. If you're low on energy, blast the creatures that pop out of the lava[sic] and collect the energizing items they leave behind. Continue to the right until you reach the Missile Tank."
"On your way through the long lower corridor, you'll reach what appears to be a dead end - a rock ledge over lava. Hop onto the ledge, roll close to the wall and detonate a bomb. The explosion will clear a path. Roll to the right over a gap in the ledge, then run to the elevator."


  • In Victory Techniques for Metroid, Samus sees one of the Air Holes in Corridor No. 5 and attempts to enter it, mistaking it for a Warp Pipe from Super Mario Bros., only to be promptly attacked by the Zebs living inside the pipe. She acquires her first Missile and, in her excitement, gets lost in Brinstar.