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Corrupted Sentreyes are Luminoth security drones possessed by Ing. These Darklings now serve to protect important areas in Dark Aether for the Ing Horde.

They fire a laser beam, supposedly like their uncorrupted variant, which moves vertically with the eye's movements. However, whenever Samus approaches these mechanoids in Morph Ball form, the Corrupted Sentreyes will actively target her, thus moving their laser out of their normal movement pattern. The reason why this behavior only takes place during the presence of the Morph Ball is unknown.

Corrupted Sentreyes can be found in Abandoned Base and Shrine Access.

Although the Sentreye's Logbook entry implies that the machines can only be destroyed by charged Light Beam shots, they are in fact vulnerable to all charged weapons.

Except for the mentioned behavior produced with Samus' Morph Ball, the Corrupted Sentreye shares the same role as the Eyons in Metroid Prime.

Logbook entry[]


Corrupted Sentreye

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Mechanism: Corrupted Sentreye
Darkling-possessed armed monitor system. Used by the Ing to protect key areas. Can be stunned by most weapons; charged light energy will destroy target.

Logbook entry

The Sentreyes were designed by the Luminoth to protect their camps on Dark Aether. The Ing learned how to possess them and turned them against their former masters. Many still remain throughout Dark Aether, now serving the Ing as they served the Luminoth before them. Most weapon types will stun the Sentreyes, charged light energy will destroy them.


Shrine Access

  • Uncorrupted Sentreyes are nowhere to be seen in either dark or light Aether. It is possible that they were all wiped out by Darklings during the war between the Ing and Luminoth, with the only remaining models being the possessed variants. However, the large structures in which the Corrupted Sentreyes are connected to in Dark Aether can also be seen in the opposite dimension.
  • The Sentreyes were built by the Luminoth, who are known to have met the Chozo from Tallon IV at some point in the past. This leads to theories that both sentient races exchanged cultural information, thus possibly allowing the Luminoth to create a mechanoid based on the Eyon creature.