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The Cortex Chamber is an object in Metroid Prime Hunters, found in the Cortex CPU room on Vesper Defense Outpost. It consists of a sphere of what appears to be brain tissue suspended within a sealed, transparent tank from several organic cables or nerves. More nervous tissue can be seen through the floor below it and in a large, shattered tank nearby.

The Cortex Chamber is similar to other organic computers such as Mother Brain, MB and the Aurora Units (although considerably more primitive), hinting that the Alimbic, Chozo, and perhaps even the Galactic Federation may have shared technologies in the past.

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In humans and other higher animals, the cortex serves as the brain's center of abstract thought, logic, memory, and consciousness, forming the wrinked "grey matter" on the outside surface of the brain. It is likely that the Cortex Chamber possesses similar responsibilities.

The thalamus is a small region preasant in nearly all mammals that processes sensory input and supplies the cortex with data, similar to the apparent function of the Cortex CPU's "thalamic coil".

Logbook entry[]

Cortex Chamber

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Controls the entire neural ensemble by processing input from the thalamic coil.