The cosmos, as depicted in Miitomo based on backgrounds from Metroid Fusion

The cosmos (or universe) collectively refers to all celestial bodies and locations in the Metroid series (aside from locales in other dimensions or voids).

Ordering System[edit | edit source]

The ordering of the cosmos roughly from largest to smallest is as follows:

  • Galaxy
  • Nebula
  • Cluster
  • Sector
  • System
  • Region
  • Asteroid Belt¹
  • Planet
  • Moon
  • Station

In the rankings below, many designations are unknown, so the headings are done by the most general information known.

¹An Asteroid Belt is mentioned as it appears in Super Metroid around Ceres Space Colony, and in Metroid Fusion, Samus crashes into an asteroid belt.

Milky Way Galaxy (Galactic Federation)[edit | edit source]

Solar system[edit | edit source]

Spiral Sector[edit | edit source]

FS-176 System[edit | edit source]

Kalandor region[edit | edit source]

Federation Solar System[edit | edit source]

Dasha region[edit | edit source]

SR388's solar system[edit | edit source]

Neogatta Nebula[edit | edit source]

Beta System[edit | edit source]

Messina System[edit | edit source]

(Only appeared in Blood of the Chozo)

Small star[edit | edit source]

In unused Metroid Prime 3: Corruption text, this star is mentioned as being 361 light years from the federal area, across the galaxy from Aether.

Klar Nebula[edit | edit source]

Gaflar System[edit | edit source]

Bermuda System[edit | edit source]

Cosmos region A47[edit | edit source]

Unidentified Location[edit | edit source]

Unknown Solar System[edit | edit source]

Kriken Empire[edit | edit source]

No known territory presently

Extreme Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Tetra Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Alimbic Cluster[edit | edit source]

Unknown Status[edit | edit source]

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