The Council Chamber is a room on Alinos. It appears in Metroid Prime Hunters.


The room's upper floor.

The Council Chamber is accessed through the Alinos Perch. It also features as a large map in Multiplayer Mode. The Fire Spawn boss creature resides in the main area of the Council Chamber, and after its defeat, Samus gains the Magmaul. This area also contains a portal to the ship and the entrance to the Processor Core as well a Jump Pad and a Jump Pad Switch.

Besides the Fire Spawn, the only creatures that reside here are Shriekbats and Petrasyls, although the upper floor features EnemySpawners that generate multiple varieties of Voldrums. The Council Chamber contains very large amounts of lava, and also contains an Alimbic Artifact, which is necessary to open the Boss Portal within the Processor Core to the Cretaphid v3 and the sixth Octolith. Samus can scan several Alimbic Lores, objects such as Alimbic Scripture and Glyph Pattern, and the area itself is also a handy save point, providing a two-way portal to her Gunship.

Connecting rooms[]



Samus must defeat the Fire Spawn to have the Magmaul appear on a pillar.
Energy Tank
At the end of a hallway behind an Orange Force Field.
Attameter Artifact
Defeat all the Petrasyls in the room with the force fields on the floor and the ceiling. Then scan the computer to reveal the Shield Key and remove the force field on the floor. The key lowers the force field on the ceiling. Drop down through the hole where the force field was, and shoot the switch to activate the Jump Pad. It will take Samus up to the artifact.


Glyph Pattern
Wall Scroll

Logbook entry[]

Council Chamber

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Assembly hall for ALIMBIC elders. Extreme structural damage evident.


The lava part of the Council Chamber in multiplayer.

A "Council Chamber" stage is playable in the game's multiplayer mode. However, it is actually an enlarged version of the Alinos Perch, rather than a copy of the single-player mode's Council Chamber room. The layout is essentially the same as the Perch in single player mode, with a few minor differences in aesthetics due to the multiplayer nature of the battlefield, such as more space and added lava.

The Council Chamber is not available by default. To unlock it, 2 local games must be played.


  • The circular section of this room containing the doorway to the Processor Core appears to be open to the sky. However, the section of the Alinos Perch located directly above that area contains no such opening, with a pit of sand where the skylight should be. It is possible that the "sky" is merely a sophisticated image.