This article is about the technique from Other M. For the technique from Samus Returns and Metroid Dread, see Melee Counter.

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The Counter Attack is both an offensive and defensive technique used by Samus in Metroid: Other M. By performing a well-timed SenseMove or hitting the 1 button when an enemy has Samus in an attack, Samus will not only escape the attack, but she will also retaliate for a small amount of damage. In other cases, such as when Samus has been grabbed by a much larger creature, she can fire a Charge Beam shot to injure the creature and escape.

The Counter Attack doesn't work with some enemies, however. In some cases, Samus may not able to avoid taking damage before escaping, but a successful Counter Attack will still harm the enemy and prevent further damage.

Official data[][]

"A well-timed counter by Samus can disrupt her enemy in the middle of their attack, and give Samus the advantage in battle."

Metroid: Other M Art Folio[]

Close Combat[]

"I prefer to use my Arm Cannon, as it allows me to take out most threats from a safe distance. When circumstances call for it, however, I'm happy to engage the enemy hand-to-hand. The augmented power of my suit lends me extra power in combat-sometimes a well-placed kick is the only way to deal with a grappling Zebesian."

List of enemies with attacks that can be Counter Attacked[]

Samus performing a Counter Attack on a Zebesian.