Courtyard Passage is a room in the Pirate Command sector of the Space Pirate Homeworld. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room is a small corridor, in an overall "c" shape that is identical on the mini map to the nearby room Lift Hub Access. The Passage is notable for its two ceiling-situated vents, which spew Acid Rain (NTSC Version) or sewage (PAL Version and Metroid Prime Trilogy version) into grates directly beneath them. The room is infested by Scritters, which scurry around the corridor in large swarms that damage anything in their path. The reason why the vents are directly exposed to the room is not known, although as this area of the Command Centre was heavily guarded by security measures and Pirate Troopers that the liquid would act as a deterrent to intruders.

Samus can travel through the acid/waste stream unharmed. In the NTSC version, the rain will cause Samus' Hazard Suit to engage its shielding, although in the PAL and Trilogy versions the shielding will not activate when Samus enters the waste fall. In both circumstances it will impair her vision temporarily.

Connecting rooms[]



Drain (NTSC version)
"Drain releases acid rain into a piping network in the floor to be pumped out of the facility."
Drain (PAL and Trilogy version)
"Drain releases sewage into a pipe network in the floor to be pumped out of the facility."