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The "cracked surface shaft" is a room on the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This shaft is found near the main hangar and escape-ship bay. While one shaft, it initially is split into two halves due to the presence of blocks that cannot be destroyed until the Fully Powered Suit has been obtained. When first entered, noticeable cracks can be seen in the floor and ceiling (hence the name). The cracked floor closest to the door can be shot with the Paralyzer. As soon as Samus drops through this newly created hole, a Zebesian will spot her and set off the Pirate Alarm System. She must quickly escape into a tunnel on the right, back into the Hangar Shaft.

Shortly thereafter, Samus enters the lower part of the shaft via other rooms. The lower shaft consists of two levels, each separated by a large obstruction that can be shot, and leads to a door on the left wall, which is directly underneath the floor with the tunnel. This leads into a room with destructible walls and a shutter. If Samus is detected in the adjacent shaft with searchlights, a Zebesian will follow her into this room; otherwise she is free and clear. After Samus obtains the Fully Powered Suit, she can use her Missiles and Screw Attack to destroy blocks in the floor separating the two halves of the shaft. A Zebesian spawns in front of the middle door on the lower left, and will detect Samus upon entry. Another Zebesian is present above the floor where Samus crawled into the tunnel. A Super Missile Tank can also be obtained (see below).

Connecting rooms[]



Chozodia Super Missile Tank 4.gif
Super Missile Tank
Requires Fully Powered Suit. Samus must shoot a Missile Block at the crack in the ceiling and climb up, then shoot at a Work Robot to move it out of her way. A Super Missile Tank is above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"If the searchlights find you and trip the alarm, you'll have to outrun aliens as you climb up the next shaft."
"As you make your way up through the middle of the pirate ship, use the Screw Attack and missiles to break through ceiling barriers."
248 missile tank (pg. 84)
"Use missiles to bash through the cracked ceiling, and climb to the top of the middle shaft. Hit the gold-colored robot with a beam to activate it, then hit it with missiles to make it back up, giving you access to a tank."