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Craftsmen are a race of sentient alien creatures with a talent for crafting and repairing machinery. Though the race as a whole only appears in chapter 4 of Metroid EX, one member of it, Diesel, is a prominent character in EX and the preceding manga, Samus and Joey. They resemble mammals, but with birdlike feet and two long tentacles, which are used for sliding down trees, since their arms are too small. They are similar in appearance to Little Birdie. When working as mechanics, they rest in floating pods.



The craftsmen are revered in the galaxy for their mechanical talents, but they stopped producing machines when they began to be used in warfare (presumably by the Dominion), and relocated to the jungle planet of Jatsuk. Though the clan made the decision unanimously, Diesel disagreed and left for many years.

Diesel's return[]

He returns when he crashlands back on the planet with his comrades Samus Aran and Joey Apronika, and meets his teacher, Papa Lightning, after the craftsmen come in singing a song. Although they claim to have relinquished their talents for machine making, they assume Samus Aran's Gunship is a gift and begin to disassemble it. After being told it is not a gift, the craftsmen explain their history to Samus.

One of Greed's Deadly Six Stars, Blast, invades the planet and plants a bomb to explode in twenty minutes. The craftsmen do not intervene until Diesel concludes he cannot dismantle the bomb, but he can fashion something from it. They assist him in turning it into a rocket, which they fire at Blast's ship in outer space. After Blast's death, it is presumed that the craftsmen returned to creating machines, with the knowledge that they can be used for good. In the next chapter, it is revealed that they repaired Samus's Gunship using parts from their own ships.

Final battle[]

The craftsmen return after Joey, Diesel and the Greed Corps general Knight are doomed to be executed, having followed them in a Multidimensional Stealth Warship. They send the prisoners back into the galactic ruins with a Perfect Drill so they can rescue Samus, while they fight the Greed Corps.


♪Hey~! Hey-hey ho-hey~!
If pushin' won't do~
Then try pullin' too
Don't let machines get tough for you~!
They all begin with just one screw~!
Hey-hey! Ho-hey!♪


  • The mangaka (illustrator and author) of Metroid EX, Idzuki Kouji, stated that the scene where the Craftsmen excitedly dismantle Samus's Gunship was his favorite to draw.[1]


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