NPC! MP Screen 13

View from the bottom.

A Crane is a major feature in the Main Quarry. Though the quest is optional, it is necessary if 100% item completion is desired.

Samus must ascend to the top of the central structure in the Quarry. The Crane features a Spider Ball Track on the underside that connects to a pillar lined with another Track. It also holds a circular disk that serves like a wrecking ball, but also features a Grapple Point. The Crane is disconnected.

Its controls are functional, but they require energy. This can be done by using the Thermal Visor to spot a Power Conduit, and then energize it by shooting it with the Wave Beam. The panel in a booth off to the side will turn on, flash red and repeatedly beep. If Samus scans this switch, the Crane will turn, connect to the Track-lined pillar, and smash into a wall, exposing a Missile Expansion.

Later, from the Waste Disposal door, Samus can scan an Interface Module to her left to summon the Crane Grapple Point so she can use it.


"Crane unit scan indicates recent use. Device is currently inactive."
Interface Module
"These Crane controls are functional but require power. The power conduits to activate the Crane are most likely located near the control cabin on the other side of this room."
Crane panel (deactivated)
"The Crane controls are functional, but require power. A Power Conduit is nearby. A blast of electrical energy will energize the Conduit and restore power to the Crane."
Crane panel (activated)
"Crane controls now active."


'Crane' scanpic
  • Curiously, the Crane's deactivated panel scan is present in the mostly unimportant Observatory Access. It has a completely black scan image, and the scan target itself is both invisible and placed outside of the room. Despite this, it can be scanned by using speedrunning techniques to get outside of the level. [1]
  • In the Trilogy version, any scans of the crane's controls will not mention the Conduit Switch.