Not to be confused with a different Crane in Metroid Prime.
Crane unit

A crane unit is a crane present in the Construction Bay on SkyTown, Elysia.

This crane is located across from an airborne structure accessible by floating platforms. After Samus enters the structure and releases metal panels that are in her way, she can use Grapple Points to access the platform housing the crane. She navigates a tunnel within the base of the crane using her Morph Ball to reach the top. The crane, consisting of a bridge between the platform with the tunnel and another platform across the way, is found there. Its position can be adjusted with a Hand Scanner; doing this will move the crane and outstretched platform closer to the door to Ballista Lift. After it is used, the crane malfunctions and will remain in place for the remainder of the game.


"Crane unit is energized. Engage manual control unit to move crane into position."
"Malfunction in crane control. Unable to restore operations. Crane will remain in position."
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