Craneyard is a large room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Samus is instructed by Aurora Unit 242 to locate a method of protection from the Pirate Homeworld's Acid Rain, so that she may access the Skyway and, ultimately, Pirate Seed. Later, she is contacted by a Federation Marine designated "NZG41" (later revealed to be Gandrayda), who tells her that he can help her reach an "Acid Shield Unit".

Later, on her way to the "Marine's" location, Samus comes across this room, and sees these units being loaded into a chamber. She turns around and sees a Spider Ball Track, the only method of reaching the upgrade. However, she does not have the Spider Ball. After Gandrayda's death, 242 will radio Samus telling her that Aurora Unit 217 on SkyTown has located "hidden Chozo artifacts", which happen to be the technology that Samus needs - the Spider Ball.

Returning with the upgrade, Samus can use the Spider Ball Track and access a Morph Ball tunnel that will lead down into the room. This will take her into a chamber shielding her from the Acid Rain, where she can see the Hazard Shield in plain sight, inside its capsule. Another, smaller Morph Ball tunnel is right beside her, and this will take her into a tower with two rotating sections and two Spinners to rotate them with. There are two possible paths that Samus can take - one leads to another chamber, and the other leads to a Missile Expansion. If she sets it to the former path, she will be taken into a chamber with a Hand Scanner. When she operates the system, the Hazard Shield will be lifted into the chamber, and Samus can collect it.

However, as soon as she collects it, several Assault Aerotroopers will ambush her, firing their projectiles at the three orange tainted glass windows, destroying them and allowing Samus to access the outside unharmed. Their defeat results in another Hand Scanner being activated. This one is located at the base of the tower and will open the shielding glass where the Hazard Shield was first observed. As this happens, an Assault Pirate Trooper will run in and set off the Pirate Alarm System, calling in two Commando Pirates to dispatch Samus. However, Samus kills them with ease.

Connecting rooms[]



Hazard Shield
See above.
Missile Expansion
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Routing tower
"Routing tower is designed to rotate to allow access to different areas."