Crash Pillars are cybernetic guards and room features built to appeal to the Alimbic aesthetic. When a Crash Pillar senses a hostile organism or technology in its zone of control, it flies into the air and smashes down on the offending entity. In doing so, it reveals its only weak spot: the core on its underside.


While it was designed for beauty, this ungainly cyborg is less-than-pleasing to the human eye. It is deep brown, with the rough shape of a stubby cone. It has swirled ripple patterns all around its body, excepting the three thickset legs supporting it. It locomotes by a series of short, awkward and singularly loud crashing hops. The Crash Pillar is monocular and, apart from its bright red core and legs, has no other body features.

The Crash Pillar remains immobile until an enemy enters its range and then it will rise up and hop toward it. If the Crash Pillar stops, Samus must be ready, as it will levitate and try to land on top of her, which will cause serious damage to the energy shielding on the Varia Suit. The only way to destroy it is to hit it in the air. This is not easy, as Samus will have to remain out of the way - yet be within range in order to hit the weak spot on the Crash Pillar's underside. If it is to be defeated it must attack, then Samus must hit it when it is in the air and move out of the way to avoid a devastating landing. She must repeat this strategy until the Crash Pillar is no more. Any weapon capable of being implemented by the Power Suit is capable of damaging the Crash Pillar. Also, Samus' Morph Ball Bombs can destroy Crash Pillars, by laying them while the enemy is in the air and making it land on them.


Crash Pillar High Ground Statue MPH

The Crash Pillar statue in High Ground.

Logbook entryEdit

Crash Pillar

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Highly pleasing to ALIMBIC aesthetics, this sentry cyborg is dormant until it senses an intruder, and returns to a dormant state once the threat retreats. The CRASH PILLAR levitates by means of antigravity propulsion before attempting to smash its quarry. Vulnerable neurocircuity is housed underneath the base.