The Crash Site is a room in the Bryyo Cliffside, the location where the wrecked G.F.S. Theseus crash-landed. Samus entered this area in order to gain access to the Theseus by swinging to the hull, but had to enter the ship by bombing open a Morph Ball tunnel due to a Blast Shield blocking the regular entrance to the ship; the ship's systems controlling the shield were offline. After the reactivation of the ship's systems, the tunnel can be used to access the "roof" of the hull, since a moving piston was reactivated as a result, though electrical charges will often surge in the tunnel. This upper level contains a Missile Expansion.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Expansion
Located at the edge of the "upper level" of the room. This can be accessed by using the Morph Ball tunnel after establishing the satellite uplink in the Theseus to move into an area previously blocked by a piston.


Ice mound (1)
"Scans detect elements of Phazon within ice compound have begun to attack the trapped bioform."
Ice mound (2)
"Bioform terminated. Subject was impaled on an ice shard before being frozen."
G.F.S. Theseus
"Downed vessel located. Griffin-class frigate is identified as the G.F.S. Theseus."
Talloric Alloy
"Structural analysis complete. Scans detect high amounts of Talloric alloy within damaged panel."