The Crater Interior is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is located inside the volcano that fires on Samus earlier on in the Pyrosphere. It is exposed to the extreme heat of the area and has two exits, the first of which is through a tall shaft. It can be ascended using a Morph Ball launcher, which is initially inactive on the first visit.

There is a spiraling ramp around the interior that goes to the apex of the volcano, lined with stalagmites. Several raised sections make the ramp form a natural "staircase". Further along the staircase is a taller ledge that Samus must jump up to and climb with her Power Grip. Behind this is a series of higher platforms and lava falls. After further climbing, there is a wall with a small tunnel underneath it, which can be passed with the Morph Ball. It leads to a shaft with opposite walls, which can be ascended using the Kick Climb to reach another tunnel, into one final Kick Climb shaft before reaching the top of the room.

At the top of the volcano is a combination of flat ground (where Samus stands during the coming boss battle) and rockier terrain towards the background. Two large rock protrusions are present behind Goyagma on both sides of the room, with veins of lava coursing through them.


When Samus enters the room, her energy begins decreasing because she has not been authorized to use the Varia Feature. After she begins climbing the staircase, the lava starts to rise. Samus must race to the top before the lava catches up with her and her energy is depleted. A massive arm attempts to strike her twice, forcing her to SenseMove. If she fails, it will grab her and drag her into the lava, resulting in a Game Over. The same happens if she is engulfed by the lava.

Goyagma emerges.

While she is climbing, Samus comes across Sovas. If she is not paying attention to them and one hits her, she can be knocked back, adding an additional danger. At the top of the room, Samus is finally authorized to use the Varia Feature.

Samus, activate the Varia feature on your suit to protect yourself from heat damage.


Right after this, Samus is grabbed by the same arm that attacked her during the ascension, and must escape it with a Charge Shot. The creature, Goyagma, emerges from the lava and a battle begins. Once Goyagma is killed, it explodes and disappears into the sinking lava. The room becomes populated with Dessgeegas on all subsequent visits. Samus can leave the room through the now available lower exit (which was concealed in the lava before), to reach the elevator to the Main Sector. On later visits, the room serves a purpose of connecting between areas of the Pyrosphere.

Connecting rooms[]



Varia Feature
Authorized at the top of the room by Adam.