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"Crateria's undershaft" is a room in Crateria. It first appeared in Super Metroid, although chronologically it is first seen in Metroid: Zero Mission. There are significant differences in the room between each appearance.


In Zero Mission, the undershaft is a corridor and the first room in Crateria to be accessed. It is set inside a cave with multiple weeds lining the ground. It connects between the "Crateria tube" and the flooded cavern, rooms which later return in Super Metroid, and has an elevator leading to a shaft in Norfair. Samus visits this room while searching for the Power Grip in the Crateria Chozo Ruins. There are no enemies in the undershaft in Zero Mission.

The undershaft changes significantly in Super Metroid. The elevator has been replaced with a shaft under the floor (hence the name) that leads into a chamber with an elevator to Brinstar. Therefore, the room is larger. This shaft is mostly natural with some metal rebar and bricks present in the walls; their purpose is unknown. Some of them can be used as platforms, in addition to four midair natural platforms made of rock and covered with grass.

At the top of the shaft is a destructible ceiling, which Samus can shoot to get into the room's main passage. Here, there are two Kihunters, which is their only appearance in Crateria. Samus may enter the shaft either from the elevator below, or through the door from the Landing Site. She must use this passage to access the Wrecked Ship through a Yellow Hatch on the right.

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